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With the new “ Five national articles ” With the birth of, various home decoration industries have become popular, and everyone can see the purchasing information of decorative building materials in the alleys. What is driving this hot situation& ldquo; Little doctor of doors and windows ” It is pointed out that the large transaction volume of the real estate market and the importance people attach to home decoration determine that the home decoration building materials industry such as doors and windows will be booming. Looking at the market situation in the first half of 2013, many people who just need to buy a house at the end of March officially entered the decoration stage in May, and the decoration demand of about 8000 new houses has fueled the home decoration market. The decoration stage also includes the selection and purchase of home decoration materials such as doors and windows, which is an early stage and the most important link of decoration

about 8000 second-hand houses need to be decorated

Mr. Zeng, who lives in District 12 of Meilin first village, found that the decoration of several high-rise buildings nearby has suddenly increased recently& ldquo; In the past, only one or two buildings were decorated sporadically, but since May, it has suddenly increased to sixorseven& rdquo; While being polluted by the decoration noise, Mr. Zeng told “ Little doctor of doors and windows ” Revealed clues about the home decoration market. It is reported that many new owners did redecorate after buying houses in May, but this phenomenon did not appear in the same period last year

“ New ‘ Five national articles ’ Triggered a sharp rise in second-hand residential transactions in the short term, and after the completion of the transaction procedures, the owners may decorate again, ” Xiao Xiaoping, general manager of Zoomlion second-hand housing Research Institute, said in an interview with reporters yesterday, “ In this sense, the policy has an impact on the home decoration industry, bringing incremental demand& rdquo;

new “ Five national articles ” Medium levy “ 20% personal income tax ” In March, 17527 second-hand residential units were sold in Shenzhen, the highest level in three years. According to the calculation of Zoomlion real estate, 90% of the 17000 residential units are self occupied buyers, of which about half of the owners may carry out partial or overall decoration of the purchased residential units, that is, about 8000 second-hand residential units have become the new demand of the home decoration market

the door and window industry is busy

“ Little doctor of doors and windows ” Said that the impact of real estate on the downstream industrial chain is obvious. About 40% of the demand for doors and windows, decoration and other industries in the household industry depends on the pull of real estate. 8000 second-hand houses need to be decorated, which means that tens of thousands or more of door and window products will be sold out. Door and window enterprises, are you ready

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