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If the decoration is started recently, the owner will inevitably encounter cross year decoration. The home decoration industry will stop work for nearly a month before and after the Spring Festival. During this period, the construction team should negotiate with the owner to arrange the details of construction before the Spring Festival, suspension during the Spring Festival and resumption after the festival. Otherwise, unnecessary property losses or disputes may occur, and even affect the quality of the project

◆ in depth understanding of some special decoration during the new year

Abstract: for owners, signing the bill now means that it is impossible to complete the project before the Spring Festival; And after handing over the money to the decoration company, he will soon face a month of downtime, and he is at a loss. After the Spring Festival, I'm afraid I'll encounter going back to Nantian again. If I'm not careful about the delay of the construction period, I'll hit the Qingming Festival. Therefore, everyone is embarrassed about the decoration of the new year

last week, Mr. Liu, a citizen, delivered his new house and is looking for a decoration company recently. He found that many decoration companies have launched promotional advertisements for New Year decoration& lsquo; New Year decoration ’ What is it? Are there many benefits? Many owners have similar questions. The author learned that the Spring Festival holiday in the home decoration industry is long. Generally, the work will be stopped 10 days before the Spring Festival and will not be resumed until after the Lantern Festival. In this nearly a month, the construction and handover before the new year, the safety and security of the Spring Festival shutdown, and the connection of the resumption of work after the festival undoubtedly tested the management and responsibility of the home decoration company

however, the New Year decoration is of great benefit. In terms of price alone, recently, many home decoration companies will launch large discounts specifically for cross year decoration in order to offset performance at the end of the year, trying to dispel consumers' doubts and strive to harvest more orders at the peak of house delivery at the end of the year. Industry insiders said that compared with the peak decoration season, consumers can enjoy more discounts by signing contracts in advance before the Spring Festival. It can be said that the New Year decoration is the last affordable shuttle bus of that year. Moreover, at the end of the year, many building materials manufacturers usually hold various discount promotions in order to digest inventory and complete annual targets. Because there are many orders for customized wardrobes and cabinets, they may receive orders selectively in the near future; However, the floor, ceramic tiles, electrical appliances and other categories with spot goods tend to clear the inventory at a discount in the near future. If consumers take advantage of this opportunity to determine the brand, model, price, color, shape, etc. of main materials, they can not only save a lot of money, but also greatly help the resumption of work after the Spring Festival

it is worth reminding that if you want to really obtain affordable prices and quality assurance in the new year's decoration, you should choose a powerful large company. In the home decoration industry, some unsustainable Mustang teams or nonstandard decoration companies often charge the owners a sum of money before the new year, and then take advantage of the long holiday to run away. The owners should be vigilant

◆ ensure the quality of construction before the year and make a good inventory

Abstract: cross year decoration can be divided into three stages: construction before the year, suspension during the Spring Festival and resumption after the year. Generally, the construction period of home decoration projects is 60 days, and there are more than 30 days before the Spring Festival; Apart from the workers returning home for the holiday, the construction time can also be more than 20 days. Therefore, we can make good use of this period of time

according to insiders, the current indoor air moisture content is very suitable for decoration, and the possible problems in construction will be greatly reduced. Therefore, take advantage of these more than 20 days to do some parts first, such as water and electricity transformation and woodworking. Completing these projects before the festival, and then experiencing intermittent construction time and climate change, can just test the construction quality. The wall approval and woodworking works were completed before the new year, and the decoration of the soft decoration part was done after the new year. The shutdown during the Spring Festival can release formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the materials, and the time for drying the room can be shortened after the completion. In addition, the long construction time span also means that slow work leads to fine work. Without the rush and tension of the rush period, many details can be further improved. Through a certain period of rest, home decoration construction personnel tend to be more energetic and energetic, which is also more conducive to the decoration of high-quality projects

if in the construction before the new year, the carpentry work of the new house was half done and the work was suspended, there might be a dilemma that the paint, cabinet and before the festival are two different. In this regard, industry insiders stressed that it is necessary to ensure that all single projects are completed before the shutdown, otherwise it is best to start after the year. Before the holiday, the home decoration company should not only confirm the construction period of resumption with the workers, but also check and accept the completed projects with the owner, explain what can be done before the holiday, how much money it needs to pay, what materials should be prepared during the Spring Festival, which materials can be transported only after resumption of work, but also clear the materials and tools on site, and the rights and responsibilities should be clearly separated

◆ stop work during the Spring Festival, check materials, rain prevention and fire prevention

Abstract: the number of days off is often indicated in the contract of cross year decoration. If the construction is affected by abnormal weather after the festival, it is not included in the agreed construction period. Do a good job of acceptance and inventory before shutdown, and pay attention to fire prevention, theft prevention and rain prevention during shutdown

when work is stopped, items stored on the construction site, such as materials provided by the decoration company, materials purchased by the owner and construction tools, can be stacked separately; The owner can fill in the relevant record form for comparison and counting when returning to work

it is understood that some decoration companies with standardized operation will stick seals on the doors after acceptance and inventory of site property. Upon resumption of work, the project manager, construction personnel and the owner of the decoration company shall come to the site at the agreed time to jointly unseal. In principle, the door keys held by decoration workers and even owners should be handed over to the decoration company for unified storage. If the current project progress is slow, the actual construction period may be longer than that agreed in the contract. The owner who is eager to move in should communicate with the project manager and construction personnel to speed up the construction speed by increasing manpower and time without affecting the project quality

according to past experience, insiders pointed out that the most common problem encountered in the New Year decoration is the leakage of room windows. In addition, the community security is relatively lax during the Spring Festival, and people often set off fireworks outdoors. Therefore, we should also be very careful about theft prevention and fire prevention. Because of this, aluminum alloy doors and windows and anti-theft nets should be installed before the shutdown, and the locks that should be replaced should be replaced. Moreover, we should cut off water and electricity, put an end to combustible and explosive substances as far as possible, and ensure that doors and windows are tightly closed. In order to get rid of the smell in the house as soon as possible, some owners have a fluke of opening windows for ventilation, which is actually unnecessary

of course, the owner should not be a shopkeeper during the shutdown period, but should buy the missing building materials to avoid delaying the construction period due to the lack of materials after the resumption of work. If you don't know what to buy, you should communicate with the designer in time. After the purchase, you can temporarily not require delivery, so as to avoid theft on the construction site

◆ return to work after the year and check carefully to ensure the connection

Abstract: after nearly a month of standing, problems in construction before the year may be exposed, and it is necessary to rectify when returning to work after the year. In some Mustang decoration teams, the construction workers are unstable, and there are great hidden dangers that the workers cannot connect

when returning to work after a year, check the condition of the previous project first, and carry out maintenance or repair in time before construction. Insiders pointed out that due to the long downtime, no maintenance on the site, and the cold weather in winter, there may be some small problems with the walls and woodwork constructed before the year, which need to be carefully checked at this time. Responsible decoration companies generally require the construction personnel to carry out corresponding treatment before work stoppage, such as brushing a layer of sealing primer on the surface of woodwork to avoid its moisture evaporation. In order to make the decoration perfect, the owner should carefully inspect the wall surface, ceiling and other items constructed before the year. If any problem is found, it should be reported to the decoration company in time; After confirming that there is no problem, both parties will resume work according to relevant agreements

for example, after returning from the Spring Festival, I found that some of the paint surfaces were not smooth enough, the back plate of the cabinet was cracked, and the woodworking materials were telescopic and deformed; Or if you find that some water pipe connections are not tightened, the wire tape is detached, the expansion nail of the kitchen hanging rod is broken, and the edge of the wallpaper is tilted after it is completely dry, you can ask the decoration company to rectify it all. The one month shelving just exposed the hidden problems that may exist in the construction before the holiday; Adjust it in time when returning to work, and then the next step of construction can be carried out quickly

other owners reported that the most worrying thing about the New Year decoration is to change workers. In this regard, insiders suggest that consumers choose strong and standardized decoration companies. The decoration teams of large companies are relatively stable, the construction standards are unified, and there is a set of standard cross year decoration operation specifications, which can determine the rights and responsibilities in the construction to the greatest extent, and even put forward that the customer has the final say on the project quality. If the customer is not satisfied, it can be rectified until it is satisfied to eliminate the customer's worries





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