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Now many owners pay more attention to the decoration of balconies, but balconies are prone to many problems during decoration. If we don't pay attention to it a little, we will leave many hidden dangers. Today, Xiaobian will popularize to all novice owners what problems need to be paid attention to when decorating balconies

now many owners pay more attention to the decoration of balconies, but balconies are prone to many problems during decoration. If we don't pay attention to it a little, we will leave many hidden dangers. Today, Xiaobian will popularize to all novice owners what problems should be paid attention to when decorating balconies

first, we should distinguish between primary and secondary, and clarify the functions

newer houses have 2-3 balconies. Before decoration, we should distinguish between the main balcony and the secondary balcony, and clarify the functions of each balcony. Generally, the balcony adjacent to the living room and master bedroom is the main balcony, which should be mainly used for leisure and fitness, and can be installed as a gym, tea room, etc. the decorative materials of the wall and ground should also be consistent with the living room; The secondary balcony is generally adjacent to the kitchen or rooms other than the living room and the master bedroom, mainly for storage, clothes drying or as a visit. The decoration can be simpler

Second, we should pay attention to the packaging quality

the packaging quality of balcony is the key in balcony decoration. Pay attention to its wind resistance and install it firmly. Do a good job of sealing, otherwise the one who breathes is equal to not sealing. The lower opening of the window sash is most prone to water seepage. Generally, a gap of 2 cm is reserved under the window frame, which is filled with special sealant or cement. If there is a windowsill, make a running slope outward

third, pay attention to safety

most residential balconies are not designed for load-bearing. Usually, the load-bearing per square meter is not more than 400 kg, so we should understand its load-bearing when decorating balconies. The decoration and storage shall not exceed its load, and the overweight furniture shall be minimized to avoid danger

there is a wall between the bedroom and the balcony. The door and window on the wall can be removed, and the lower half of the window must not be removed. It is “ Counterweight wall ”, It plays a role in supporting the balcony. If it is demolished, it will seriously affect the safety of the balcony, and even cause Yantai Russia to collapse. When sealing the balcony, try not to stretch out a part of the balcony in order to expand the space, which is not only dangerous, but also unsightly, and the property management department does not allow it

fourth, we should pay attention to waterproof and drainage treatment

many families set up faucets on the balcony, place washing machines, and the washed clothes can be directly dried, or set up a vegetable washing pool on the balcony for use as a kitchen, which requires that the waterproof layer and drainage system of the balcony ground must be done well. If the drainage and waterproof treatment are not good, ponding and leakage will occur

fifth, key points of material selection for open balcony decoration

if the owner's balcony is open and does not intend to package, then when choosing decoration materials, you need to choose ones with better performance. For example, it is best to choose exterior wall coating for the wall, and the aging resistance of waterproof coating and the skid resistance of ceramic tiles should be strong

sixth, key points of material selection for closed balcony decoration

if the balcony is closed and has good sealing performance, then the interior wall emulsion paint can be selected during decoration, and the same decoration materials as indoor can be used on the ground

seventh, key points of balcony circuit decoration

for the lamps on the balcony, if there is a wall between the balcony door and the balcony window, a wall lamp can be installed, and the lamp material is preferably glass lamps that are not afraid of the sun and rain; If there is no wall between the door and window, a ceiling lamp can be installed at the bottom of the balcony board on the upper floor. As the balcony lamp is only used for lighting during rest, it does not need to be too bright, and the switch of the lamp should be installed indoors. To ensure the waterproof performance of lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to install an anti leakage switch to avoid injury caused by leakage in rainy days. In addition, if you want to have more activities on the balcony, such as watching TV while enjoying the cool, you should keep the power socket when decorating

eighth, sunshade should be considered for balcony

in order to prevent strong sunlight in summer, relatively solid textiles can be used to make sunshades. The awning itself not only has a decorative effect, but also can block the wind and rain. The awning can also be made of bamboo curtains and curtains. It should be made of scrollable or retractable to adjust the area, position and angle of sunlight as needed

ninth, balcony decoration should also pay attention to heat insulation

for the balcony with large-area glass windows, the decoration needs to consider its heat insulation. It's summer now. I believe people in most parts of the country can feel the heat in summer. For balcony windows, glass with good energy conservation can be used during decoration, or heat insulation film can be pasted on the glass in summer to prevent outdoor heat from diffusing indoors

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