How to make sound insulation for house decoration

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1、 Wall insulation

the wall is the first defense of the house. When decorating the house, it is best to make the wall facing the street thicker, such as adding a layer of paper gypsum board, and filling between the wall and gypsum board with sound-absorbing cotton. At the same time, when choosing wall decoration materials, you can consider choosing sound insulation materials

II. Sound insulation of doors and windows

if there are sound insulation doors and sound insulation glass in the market, it is best to use sound insulation glass for windows, especially those facing the street. Hollow glass or double-layer glass can also effectively sound insulation. The tightness of the door is difficult to change, so when installing the door, try to narrow the gap at the edge of the door

III. floor sound insulation

among all kinds of floor decoration materials, solid wood has the best sound insulation effect, which is much better than ceramic tiles. Choosing good floor decoration materials can reduce the sound generated when walking and rubbing

IV. fabric sound insulation

fabric is also a major element of home furnishing. Experiments show that the sound absorption effect and effect of draped and tiled fabrics are the same, such as curtains, carpets, etc., and the sound insulation effect of curtains is the most obvious. The curtain facing the window can choose thicker cloth, and the carpet can be paved on the ground, which is comfortable and beautiful, and can reduce noise

noise will seriously affect people's rest. Since it can't be avoided, we can only isolate as much as possible. We can use the above methods for sound insulation, reduce entering the room and generating noise, and provide ourselves with a quiet rest environment. Deal with sound insulation when decorating, and your troubles will be reduced after living in. If your home is about to be decorated, please enter the decoration bidding platform of Wuhan home decoration network as soon as possible. You can choose hundreds of decoration companies, as well as free room measurement, free supervision, decoration fund reduction and other concessions. Details




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