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When the Sheng and Xiao are long, that beautiful and moving melody is always lingering. Iberi system furniture sang such a song. From then on, it became famous and won the praise of colleagues in the industry, "live up to the Tathagata and live up to the Qing Dynasty"

idea opportunity (UK) Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise engaged in the R & D, production and sales of household products and high-tech products in the UK. Its household brand is especially famous for ebery (ibery system furniture) and is highly respected by colleagues in the industry

noble heritage, fashion model

carries a rich British style and noble heritage design, adhering to the design style of British Fashion home. Ebery (ebery · system furniture) is professionally creating a home world with excellent quality, fashion avant-garde, perfect and practical, while constantly integrating the latest European aesthetic elements, and actively leading the trend of industry development. This shows the unique quality charm of ebery (ibery system furniture): noble, elegant, fashionable and perfect

customized, taste reflects

ebery (ebery · system furniture), which is famous for "creating the strongest use function and maximum utilization rate for limited space", is not only fashionable and pleasant, but also has a rich variety of products, including panel furniture products such as overall wardrobe, fashion bookcase, sliding door, partition door, folding door, cloakroom, shoe cabinet, wine cabinet, bedside cabinet, hall combination cabinet, etc. At the same time, in order to better improve the quality of products and services, eBay (ebery system furniture) also provides users with completely "customized" personalized services, which fully meet the diversified style needs of today's residents. Whether it's a complex living space or a simple bedroom, ebery (ebery system furniture) can provide you with satisfactory solutions

great strength through strong cooperation

keenly grasp the latest trend of the international fashion home furnishing industry, and take the lead in bringing the concept of "system furniture" into China. William Pang, a British Chinese member of the board of directors of idea opportunity, introduced ebery (ibery system furniture) to China in 2005, and established a strategic partnership with Foshan Lize household products Co., Ltd., a senior domestic marketing team, Work together to build the brand image of iberi system furniture in China

at present, with its strong strength, systematic and perfect management system, strong marketing network, excellent quality assurance and strong development trend, eBay has gradually developed into one of the most powerful system furniture brands in China. So far, there are more than 100 franchisees in China, with a large scale and a long reputation




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