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Netizens spent 60000 yuan to decorate 134 square meters of four bedroom home decoration diary (complete)

on the first day of water and electricity transformation, we listened to others' suggestions and needed to reserve more sockets, so we told the electrician where to need sockets. At that time, I thought it was enough. This part is calculated separately. Electricity is 35 yuan per meter and water is 22 yuan. It doesn't look expensive either. Originally, our budget was about 1000 yuan. But the day before yesterday, I was surprised by the water and electricity transformation. It cost a total of 4000 yuan. I regret that I should have casually pointed out so much. Alas, it's no wonder that the decoration has to be overspent. At the beginning, let's kick the gun

in order to be accurate, the design of kitchen cabinets should be determined before the transformation of water and electricity, so we ordered a cabinet, which is expected to be more than 5000. When the cupboard master came to see it, he said that the gas location was inconvenient. Although it was very simple, he couldn't move it by himself. So we called the gas company again, and it took them a few days to come and make some changes

water and electricity transformation

water and electricity transformation

next, we will soon choose the door. Originally, the decoration company gave us a quotation plus more than 700 door pockets, which we think is not cost-effective. Although it is said to be a solid wood door, it is almost OK indoors. Our last choice is solid wood composite door, about 440


because of the room type, there are two places where you must make your own wardrobe. In addition, we need a top bookcase, a desk that can hold two computers at the same time, and a shoe cabinet

this carpenter is OK, but I still think it's not cheap to do as little carpentry as possible. Moreover, carpentry uses a lot of glue. Now I can feel a smell standing in front of the new cabinet

decoration End

after two months, the decoration is finally over. To report, it cost a total of more than 50000, including several cabinets and kitchen appliances that the decoration company simply played. To summarize our decoration style, it is blue sky, white clouds and loess ground, and the basic colors of the wall are blue and beige. The roof is white and the floor is yellow

first look at the study

the study is not big, but it bears the arduous task of putting my textbooks from the first grade of primary school, comic books, and later novels and magazines I was reluctant to throw away, as well as two computer desks at the same time. So let the decoration company make it like this


by the way, the door of the bathroom has been changed again, and the glass has been changed, which is not bad. The ceiling is an integrated ceiling


living room

the walls are painted blue and beige respectively


a friend introduced a company in the big market. Most of us made it at his home, which is OK. But in the living room, there are color striped curtains. I like color striped curtains very much. In particular, the colorful one was originally bought in a cloth shop, but later felt that the seersucker fabric was not suitable, so it was hung in the children's room. All the curtains add up to eighteen thousand


we all like bamboo flooring very much. 125 square meters

living room





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