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Each season of decoration has its advantages and disadvantages. As long as the regular construction team is selected, the professional construction process is adopted, and the details are paid attention to, the impact of the weather on the construction can be avoided to the greatest extent

◆ there are many promotional offers for merchants in spring.

as the saying goes, the plan of the year lies in spring. In order to make a good start to the year and make a good plan for the whole year, many home decoration companies will choose to hold large-scale promotional activities or corresponding discounts in spring to attract consumers to compete for market share. Therefore, owners who choose to decorate in spring may get more price concessions

however, when it comes to spring decoration, the most worrying thing for the owners is that the humid and rainy weather back to the South will have an adverse impact on the decoration. Ms. Xia, the person in charge of Xingyi decoration, said that the wet weather did have an impact on the two processes of woodworking and painting. Generally, in rainy weather, the construction team will stop these two constructions and instead carry out muddy water and hydropower projects. Through reasonable allocation of processes, the construction team can save time and ensure quality

the humid climate will not only affect the construction, but also cause damage to the building materials and decoration effect when the decorated room encounters the return humidity in spring every year. Therefore, it is suggested that when decorating, the owner can choose to keep the whole house damp proof. When selecting materials, it is best to choose products with good waterproof performance for floors, wallpapers and other products that are prone to warping and mildew

◆ summer helps volatilize harmful gases

in summer, the sun shines early and the dark late, so the construction time of workers can be extended accordingly. For owners who are anxious to move in, summer decoration is helpful to speed up the progress of the project

in addition, hot and humid weather in summer will accelerate the release of harmful substances from household materials, so that consumers can simply identify the indoor air quality through smell. The rapid air circulation in summer accelerates the convection of air, which can make indoor harmful gases volatilize faster

however, due to the high temperature in summer, workers are prone to heatstroke during construction in the blank room, and the dry and hot weather will also affect the working state of workers. Mr. Wang, the person in charge of wells ceramics, said that high temperature water evaporates quickly in summer. Before laying tiles, it is necessary to ensure that the tiles fully absorb water to avoid cracking, deformation and even falling off of tiles. For plates that are prone to deformation due to humidity and temperature changes, direct sunlight in summer should also be avoided and placed in a well ventilated place

◆ pay attention to prevent potential safety hazards in autumn

the weather in autumn is dry and cool, and the temperature is appropriate to make workers comfortable during construction, which can ensure better working conditions and efficiency. The dry climate also makes coatings and paints easier to dry

however, the dry climate, coupled with the flammable decoration materials, is also easy to cause potential safety hazards. Therefore, volatile materials such as paint and coating should be sealed to avoid direct sunlight or open fire; The circuit construction should be well protected, and do not pull wires randomly; The construction site should also be cleaned regularly to remove wood chips, plastics and other inflammables

◆ cracking and deformation prevention of winter wood wall

the temperature in winter is low, there is relatively little rain, and the degree of dryness is relatively moderate. The potential dryness and deformation problems of wood and wall are easy to be exposed, so that the owner can find and repair them in time

due to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, attention should be paid to leaving gaps when installing doors, windows and wooden floors to avoid thermal expansion and deformation of products in summer

in addition, winter decoration is approaching the Spring Festival, factories are shutting down one after another, and workers begin to return home, making the purchase and installation of household building materials products need to be booked in advance, which is prone to product shortage and untimely installation. Wages will also rise compared with other months. The arrival of the Spring Festival will also cause a delay of half a month to about a month




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