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Application of sy4200 special frequency converter for fan and water pump in high temperature dyeing machine nowadays, high temperature dyeing machine is widely used in most cotton spinning and dyeing plants. However, the circulating water pump of the traditional high-temperature dyeing machine uses valves to regulate the flow of water. When the flow is low, the pressure of water will increase, resulting in uneven dyeing and easy cloth pressing. Therefore, BDO manufacturers are often asked to make efforts to research and produce biological BDO products to stop and straighten cloth, which is very easy to cause poor quality of the whole cloth, poor interchangeability and low production efficiency. One machine can only dye a limited number of cloths. Because of the restriction of the water pump, one machine can not be used for multiple purposes. At the same time, the water pump generally adopts full pressure starting or star delta, and the starting current is large, causing serious water hammer phenomenon. The cloth of the dye cylinder is turned over or overlapped, so the dyeing is uneven and the quality is poor. When the Shenyuan frequency converter is used, the above problems can be solved. When dyeing cloth with different thickness and different processes, the frequency value of the frequency converter can be changed to adjust the water pressure or flow, which not only ensures the quality of dyed cloth, uniform dyeing, high product qualification rate, but also saves power consumption. In short, the advantages are as follows:

1. It has a soft start function to eliminate the phenomenon of water hammer

2. No starting impulse current

3. Bigdata research released a report showing that the cloth can be dyed with various raw materials

4. It can dye cloth of different thickness

5. Dyeing and finishing efficiency and productivity were improved

6. The average power saving can reach 30%

7. Solve the shortcomings of traditional machines

8. Applicable to various types of dyeing and finishing machines

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