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Application of Advantech industrial computer in real-time database system

project background: our company is a chemical fiber raw material production enterprise from PTA to chemical fiber spinning gauge. As a tool and means of modern management, information technology has been paid more and more attention by leaders at all levels and all employees. Therefore, we hope to build a comprehensive information integration system integrating control, optimization, scheduling, management and operation. As an intermediate component connecting production process and upper management, real-time database is the basis of integrated information system and plays a key role in information construction

project principle:

the main production devices of the company can be said to have realized DCS automatic control. The DCS control system connected to the real-time database system has multiple sets of systems from multiple manufacturers. As an important part of the real-time database system: the automatic acquisition and uploading of plant process data, that is, the connection with the DCS system, Advantech industrial control computer has played an excellent role

take the first chemical plant as an example. This is a set of PTA production device, and the control system adopts centum-v distributed system. There is a special communication channel unit cgwu-2 in this system, which can connect the control station and operation station on the HF bus of CENTUM system with the upper computer through RS232C interface

1. the IP heating and foaming is a process. The C-610 Advantech industrial computer completes data collection and transmission. The data is collected through the data acquisition card, and then the data is transmitted to the real-time server in the real-time database system through the card. Then, the principle of the battery extrusion tester localized in each leading office, dispatching room and each department: the battery is placed between two extrusion plates and displayed on the computer in real time. As a large real-time database of manufacturing mode that is difficult to match 3D printing continuity, it can store multi-year data of each process point. It provides a clear and accurate operation picture. Users can not only browse the current production situation of the factory, but also review the past production situation. It can be said that the real-time database is just like the "black box" on the aircraft for the process factory

2. reading the real-time database through Advantech IPC-610 provides end users with fast and efficient factory information. Advantech industrial computer adopts the passive backplane plus plug-in board (BP) architecture, which reduces the maintenance time, has excellent scalability, excellent heat dissipation characteristics, dust-proof and anti-static performance. Through the careful design of Advantech industrial computer, the industrial computer has good anti electromagnetic interference performance and good anti vibration performance, and the system maintenance is also very convenient

project evaluation:

since it was put into operation in 2004, with the good reliability and stability of Advantech industrial computer, it has been running stably for more than 2 years, while reducing the maintenance workload of the whole system. Real time production monitoring provides great convenience for plant leaders, production scheduling and various departments. The "office closer to the site" is well realized, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the whole company

introduction to Advantech's new products:

Advantech's next generation ipc-630 series

introduction: Advantech, a leading industrial computer manufacturer, announced the launch of the next generation IPC 610, a world-class ID product design. The product supports ATX motherboard or 14 slot backplane, and accepts three 5.25 inch and two 3.5 inch power options: 300 W/400 w ATX power supply or 300 W/400 w redundant power supply

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