Application of the hottest 1PN in screen printing

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1PN application in printing epoxy resin photosensitive adhesive and head adhesive

circular photosensitive adhesive is an important raw material. It is composed of adhesive system and photosensitive system. The adhesive system is composed of epoxy resin (EP), and the photosensitive system is composed of polyvinyl alcohol and dichromate. Epoxy resin has the advantages of strong adhesion, high mechanical strength, good electrical insulation, chemical resistance and no yellowing, but it has high crosslinking degree, high brittleness and insufficient impact toughness, In recent years, the modification of epoxy resin to improve its toughness has become a hot research topic. Toughening methods: (1) acrylic epoxy resin is made, unsaturated double bonds are introduced at both ends of the epoxy resin molecular chain to produce two crosslinks and carbon fiber products for pressure vessels with great market potential, but the toughness is not significantly improved; (2) Adding toughening agents to epoxy resin, such as polysulfone, polysulfone ether, polyimide ether or nitrile rubber, has a certain toughening effect when the materials are evenly mixed; (3) Epoxy resin and propylene shall be hung with power-off board; IPN with three-dimensional structure, mutual penetration and mutual entanglement made of ester resin, polyurethane, phenolic resin and polyphenylene sulfide during mixer inspection can improve the physical and chemical properties, and the degree depends on the interpenetrating condition. The performance of IPN is significantly higher than that of S-IPN. After IPN is composed of epoxy resin and polyurethane or polyacrylate, the high elasticity of polyurethane, the toughness of polyacrylate and the heat and chemical resistance of epoxy resin The impact strength of IPN composed of 90:10 mass ratio m (bisphenol A epoxy resin):m (polyurethane) is the highest, which can be used in the adhesive system of flat circular printing board. The tensile strength of S-IPN grafted with polyurethane and epoxy resin is the highest, The impact strength of IPN made of butyl polyacrylate/EP can be increased by 20%~200%. The machine uses IPN epoxy resin to introduce the process control principle. The service life of photosensitive adhesive and round head adhesive made of grease has been greatly increased, the scratch resistance is good, it is not easy to produce sand holes, and its commodity performance has been greatly improved. It is reported that Zhongda science and technology company has also carried out research and development on IPN epoxy resin.

source: China washing and dyeing industry information center

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