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Application of AC servo system in the electronic let off system of rapier loom Abstract: in order to solve the problems existing in the current electronic let off control system of rapier loom, AC servo system is used to replace the electronic let off control system with frequent failure rate and expensive maintenance value. The results show that the system has the characteristics of wide application range, flexible control and high position accuracy

key words: AC servo system; Let off control; Self setting

1 preface

our factory introduced 113 Spanish rapier looms in the early 1990s, which are controlled by PC single board computer. It is divided into main control unit, loose warp/tight warp control unit, loose warp/tight warp control part adopts DC Crystal Bridge, and the driver drives a wire wound disc coreless DC motor with very small inertia. Up to now, more than half of the motors have had problems such as short circuit and open circuit between rotor coils, open circuit and wear of speed measuring micro rotor coils. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, we have carried out the technical transformation of the original loose warp/tight warp electrical control part to replace the DC control with AC servo control

2 hardware system configuration (see Figure 1)

2.1 operation control part

in order to ensure the operation adaptability of the car stopper, the control of this part is basically unchanged, that is, the analog signal input part. It mainly includes: On-board start/stop, manual loosening/tightening, reset, etc

2.2 "p50b080775hxs00" AC single-phase servo motor of Sanyo Denki company in Japan with inc-e encoder (P) and rotating speed of 4500 R/min is selected as the let off motor of the loose/tight warp drive part; The servo driver adopts the company's "qsia 03aa" driver with 5-digit and 7-segment LED display for parameter, operation monitoring and alarm recording

2.3 tension detection part

original tension sensor is used for tension detection. The analog voltage signal is retrieved from the post vibration beam. The signal is amplified and shaped by the multi-stage operational amplifier LM 324 on the PC board, and the program stored value is compared and memorized. Finally, the PC board gives a 10 V ~ +10 VDC analog speed command signal required for start-up and operation

2.4 the motor data detection part

is mainly composed of the provincial wiring incremental encoder inc-z (2000 P/R) and the double effect shielded cable. The function is to automatically track the actual working state of the motor, detect various data in the process of loose warp and tight warp, and ensure that the fabric tension of the whole vehicle is consistent

3 software development system

3.1 parameter setting display part

mainly completes the parameter setting display menu according to the driver configuration, with a total of 7 modes:

status display: displays the status function of the servo driver

monitoring mode ob: display multiple monitoring modes

test adjustment ad: test operation and driver adjustment, such as manual operation

basic parameter mode Ba: Set 16 user parameters

alarm record al: display the last 7 times and current alarm and CPU form

parameter PA: set user parameters in recent years

system parameter Ru: set system parameters

3.2 automatic adjustment test process

before running, the servo system should first perform the automatic adjustment test operations of the servo driver, which are: alarm reset, encoder clearing, self-tuning notch filtering, etc., so that the test software can be automatically installed and the necessary data can be stored. The memory spring testing machine is the equipment for detecting the spring quality. See Figure 2 for the flow chart

3.3 parameter settings

include system parameter (RU), general parameter (PA), monitoring parameter (OB) and basic parameter settings (BA); In the process of automatic test and adjustment, the servo system has automatically sampled the basic parameters of the motor: rated voltage, rated current, starting torque and speed. Other parameters that need to be carefully set are system parameter settings and general parameter settings. See Figure 3 for parameter setting flow chart

system parameter settings:

general parameter settings:

ru00:01h pa500:02h pa803:06h

ru01:00h pa501:o1h pa807:00h

ru02:00h pa600:00h pa80d:00h

ru03:2o00p/R pa601:00h pa900:08h

ru04:04h pa602:00h PA9 purchase turnover slowed down significantly 01:0ch

ru05:04h pa700:08h pa902: 02h

ru08:01h pa720:04h pa903:0ah

ru09:00h pa800: 0 1h

ru0a:2000p/R pa801: 10h5, creep testing machine

ru0b:00h pa802: 0eh

4 application effect

the system amounts to 4650 yuan, saving a lot of money. After the transformation, the belt control accuracy is greatly improved, zero drift is avoided, reliability and anti-interference performance are excellent, the system cost is reduced, the product adaptability is greatly improved, the failure rate is low, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient, It has the value of popularization and application. (end)

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