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Analysis of trends, forecasts and development opportunities of composite materials in Asian construction market from 2008 to 2013

a few days ago, lucintel, an American composite materials market research company, released the latest report entitled "analysis of trends, forecasts and development opportunities of composite materials in Asian construction market from 2008 to 2013"

the construction industry is the most potential market in Asia. Rumen, together with domestic partners, has been promoting the pilot project of sorting collection and composting of organic kitchen waste in Jilin, including windows, steel bars, power poles, grids, cooling towers, bathtubs, swimming pools, building application products, FRP plates, etc. Today, people are no longer unfamiliar with composite products. Its high-speed rail testing instruments, with their accuracy, reliability and excellent software functions, are used by the vast industry and scientific research institutions at home and abroad. More and more people come into our lives. The applications of rebar, plate, grille, doors and windows, swimming pool, FRP plate and many other fields are attracting more and more consumers' interest

this report provides insights into the development of composite materials in the Asian construction market by the end of 2007, and makes professional forecasts for the market development from 2008 to 2013. It shows people several factors that really affect the construction industry. The report focuses extensively on recent industry development trends, as well as future development opportunities and challenges. It includes not only the valuable opinions of sales and marketing experts, but also the market conditions and the positions of various companies in different market segments. The application of reinforcing materials and resins in the construction market is also discussed

there is a certain error in the results of the American composite market research. Lucintel, the company, presented the worst market in 2007 in its report. Almost all the worst performing markets in Asian construction industry are closely related to the slowdown of residential housing construction. Due to the slowdown in the development of residential buildings, especially the decline in exports to the United States, the development speed of these markets decreased significantly in 2009 compared with the same period of the previous year. Compared with the residential market, the better developed markets are those related to industrial and commercial applications. As the global economic development trend slows down, it is particularly important to understand which industries will maintain strong growth in this trend. In addition, understanding the five fast-growing industries in the next five years can help enterprises avoid those vulnerable application areas

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