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Analysis on the current situation and development prospect of special paper market

how many words do people read in a minute when their eyes slide over the page? Black and white paper with different shades of black and white with how much ink, people's eyes will feel comfortable? How to improve the texture of paper and make the selection of paper and materials more environmentally friendly? How to give consumers more enjoyment of beauty? The answer lies in the wonderful properties of special paper

special paper is generally a kind of paper with high added value for a specific performance and purpose. Special paper can be roughly divided into traditional special paper and special special paper. Traditional special paper can be used for special packaging, labeling, decoration and other printing purposes. Special special paper needs unique processing capacity and special technology. Usually, the market capacity is small, and such products often have their unique properties. With the development of packaging and printing industry, the domestic market has an increasing demand for special paper. Special paper has become a group of paper products that can not be underestimated. Its varieties are more and more diverse, and its scope of application is also expanding. In order to let readers have a further understanding of special paper, the author tries to analyze the current situation and development prospect of special paper market

at present, with the rapid development of the domestic economy, the demand for displaying images and communicating information through paper is increasing day by day, and the special paper industry is also developing rapidly. Although the use of special paper has increased dramatically, and the number of personnel engaged in special paper sales is also increasing, the current development status of the special paper market is not optimistic, facing several severe situations

China's special paper industry is still in the imitation stage and has not formed its own characteristics. From the current situation of the development of special paper in China, most of the special paper in China is in the imitation stage and has not formed its own characteristics. To a large extent, the sensitivity of enterprises to new special paper has become the key to whether enterprises can make profits. However, domestic special paper enterprises are dependent on the imitation of foreign special paper, and their independent research and development ability is not strong

the output of special paper in China is low and cannot meet the market demand. At present, the output of domestic special paper is very low, which is far from meeting the needs of special paper in China. Special paper has a wide range of applications and high performance and added value. Domestic small and medium-sized paper mills producing special paper cannot meet the growing market needs in terms of technology, and there is a large gap in the supply of domestic special paper

compared with foreign papermaking powers, the competitiveness of China's special paper industry is not strong. At present, the performance of special paper and functional paper in China lags behind that of the United States, Japan and European countries, and there is still a big gap compared with papermaking powers. The foreign special paper market is relatively mature, and many multinational groups have entered the Chinese special paper market. The strong economic strength, strong R & D capabilities and high-end high-quality special paper of foreign-funded enterprises have a great impact on the Chinese special paper market. The Fourth International Symposium on green composite materials of domestic special paper will be held in Changsha on April 24 (2) 5. Production enterprises are facing great challenges. Therefore, accelerating the development of China's own special paper and functional paper products and participating in the competition in the international market is the top priority for Chinese special paper enterprises to improve their competitiveness and product influence

take advantage of the industrial advantages to actively deal with the coexistence of opportunities and risks. Although China's special paper industry is facing some difficulties, in the face of fierce market competition, we have found the advantages of domestic enterprises in developing special paper based on ourselves. We know ourselves and the enemy, and we will not be defeated in a hundred battles. Only when we understand the strength of our competitors and see our own advantages can we find our own position in the competition and give full play to the maximum potential of our enterprises

the development of special paper industry in China can give play to its superior geographical advantages. Special paper is a kind of paper with high technical content and added value, and its economic benefit is generally twice to several times higher than that of ordinary paper. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, medical treatment, food, advanced binding, process decoration, watermark and other fields, and has great development potential. Special paper has a lot of development space in China. For domestic special paper manufacturers, it has regional advantages, and regional conditions can be used to reduce transportation costs and import price costs

a number of characteristic enterprises have emerged in China's special paper industry. After several years of development, the domestic special paper industry has also emerged a number of enterprises with complete varieties and characteristics through adjustment, development, optimization and innovation, which have strong competitiveness in the domestic special paper market, and some products have begun to be exported

at present, domestic special paper has occupied the dominant position in the domestic market in some varieties, but in some special paper with high technical content and a certain domestic market, foreign products still occupy the dominant position. Therefore, increasing the speed of technology research and development, so that domestic special paper can better occupy the market, have the advantage of competitiveness, grasp the test pieces according to user requirements, and obtain greater development space, which is the development direction of domestic enterprises

the printing level of domestic special paper is gradually mature. For printers, customers often judge their process level by the level of special paper they print. When special paper first entered China, there were not many printers who could print, and there were all kinds of problems, and the latter stipulated that only "non combustible materials" could be used. Today, a few years later, domestic printing houses have accumulated a lot of experience and become more and more mature in continuous exploration. There is no doubt that in the era of rapid changes in paper materials, only daring to try and forge ahead can make printing houses invincible

seize the opportunity and find a new starting point

although the development of China's special paper industry is facing severe challenges, with the development of economy, more people will pay attention to the special paper industry. We should give full play to our own advantages, find out the gap with foreign special paper industry, and strive to find a development path suitable for market demand

grasp business opportunities and obtain first-hand product information, Continue to load some technical reserves in a planned way. Who can grasp the business opportunities of the market faster, start to strengthen research and development in the growth period of the product, and intervene in the market before the product enters the mature period, who may win the market space. In terms of how to understand the information of special paper products as soon as possible, we should strengthen market research, tracking and analysis at home and abroad, strive to obtain more first-hand information, and then establish close cooperation with leading enterprises in relevant domestic industries to capture information and collect data in time. Due to the complexity of the market and the long R & D cycle and other factors, it is difficult to grasp the opportunity for the newly developed special paper to enter the market. Therefore, we should research and develop some special paper products that may enter the Chinese market in advance. As a technical reserve, once the time is ripe, we can quickly intervene in the market, so that enterprises can win the initiative in the market competition

product planning should be done to form its own characteristics in imitation. Special paper production enterprises should make appropriate production planning and move forward in the direction of product transformation and technology development. I believe that they will be able to establish a good space for the survival and development of domestic special paper industry. Domestic special paper enterprises should strive to adjust the product structure, cultivate special technical personnel, strengthen the research and development of special paper products, form their own characteristics in the process of imitation, and finally form a scientific research team of special paper with independent research and development ability

domestic specialty paper enterprises should be based on the market and design a variety of novel specialty paper with high quality and low price that is suitable for environmental protection requirements according to the needs of consumers. Strong economic strength, reasonable inventory level, sharp fashion sense, diversified sales network and excellent pre-sales and after-sales system are all the decisive ways to operate special paper

looking forward to the future, the development prospect is broad.

special paper was introduced into China in the early 1990s. Although the research and development of special paper in China started relatively late, with the improvement of people's living and cultural level and the progress of science and technology, it is bound to promote the greater expansion of special paper in the application field of new materials, and the prospect is very broad. The market share of specialty paper will continue to expand, but the grade is more distinct, and the market will be further subdivided. In the tide of market economy, fierce competition is inevitable, and China's special paper industry is bound to rise rapidly and flourish in the competition. The special paper industry should speed up the pace of product structure adjustment and technological innovation, comprehensively improve the overall competitive strength of the industry, and develop more high-performance special paper and functional paper

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