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Analysis of the current situation and development trend of the cutting tool market in Guangdong Province

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the maximum number of cycles reached by the spring tested by Guangzhou Institute. The market competition of cutting tools in the East is increasingly fierce, and the Japanese market share is relatively large. DIJET, Mitsubishi, Kyocera, Hitachi (Hitachi) have visited similar foreign enterprises for several times, such as hi, Nachi, Sumitomo, Nikken, big, tungaloy, OSG, YAMAWA, etc, The advertising of Japanese knives with precision without discharge in Guangdong has reached a level that users all know. Almost all Japanese brand knives can be purchased in Guangdong. There are many agents and dealers. In the sales process of Japanese products, the phenomenon of domestic agents, dealers, Hong Kong and Taiwan agents and traders competing for customers is quite serious, which has also attracted the attention of Japanese sales competent companies, The market sales of some brands have begun to rectify

the second is Taiwan and domestic knives. Among Taiwan knives, the more representative ones are honggangfu (HKF), nine9, PSL, Taijing, zhengheyuan, Sanlu, etc. Taiwan knives generally only set up one or two general agents in Guangdong, and then do market promotion in the form of multiple dealers. There are countless Taiwan knives in the Guangdong market, but it is rare to see a large number of spot stocks. The representatives of domestic cutting tools in Guangdong are several major domestic tool manufacturers and the sales offices of some private cutting tool factories, including southwest tools, bulk tools, Shaanxi cemented carbide, Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide, Guizhou Yihai, Shanghai tool factory, Harbin tool factory, etc. in recent years, several domestic private cutting tool manufacturing factories have developed rapidly, which can not be ignored, such as the cutting tool manufacturing industry of Zhenjiang Tiangong, Chengdu Yingge, Shaanxi pinding cemented carbide and Jiangsu Xixiashu Private tool manufacturing industry around southwest tools in Guizhou. Private cutting tool enterprises generally set up multiple direct sales outlets in Guangdong, which are relatively flexible and adaptable. The disadvantages are that they cannot form a scale, and the operation is chaotic. Their products can only adapt to the general market of non precision manufacturing. Several major domestic tool manufacturers sell by setting up offices. Their marketing network has many shortcomings and is not perfect. The most important thing is the lack of product quality, sales mode, more stable after-sales service, which is gradually excluded to the low-end consumer market

although the quality of European and American tools is good, the price is high, and the acceptance of Guangdong mold manufacturing industry is slightly conservative. These do not seem to affect the sales of European and American tools in Guangdong, because the users are mainly large and medium-sized enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises. Moreover, in recent years, with the introduction of advanced machine tools in Europe and the United States, the sales of European and American tools have been driven. The most accepted brands in the industry are basically Sandvik Coromant, Kennametal, iscar, ceracizit, guhring, etc., as well as some of Sandvik's subordinate companies, such as Walter, seco, dorder and Titex; For these well-known brand knives, customers no longer value quality, and few people worry about quality problems. They mainly depend on product price, after-sales service, technical support, and delivery time. Some of the rest of the market share is occupied by OEM cutters and Korean cutters of some trading companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan, such as TaeguTec, Korloy, YG, STK, etc

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