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Analysis of the current situation and development trend of China's copper and aluminum processing industry

material processing technology is an important means of material molding, and it is also the basis for the application of materials. The level of technology has become an important factor determining the performance of materials

copper is easily extracted from nature, with excellent conductivity, heat conduction, corrosion resistance and beautiful luster. It is easy to carry out plastic processing, and easy to be alloyed with other elements to improve its performance; Pure aluminum has excellent conductivity, heat conduction, corrosion resistance, low density, easy casting, processing and molding and other characteristics. After alloying, it has high specific strength. Replacing steel can greatly reduce the weight of Bayer materials technology to provide brand makers with a systematic solution from the research and development of new water-based PU coated fabrics to the scope of production. It is the good comprehensive properties of copper, aluminum and their alloys that make them widely used in the fields of construction, electrical, light industry, aviation, electronics, machinery manufacturing, national defense and military industry. Therefore, copper and aluminum processing industry is an important part of non-ferrous metal industry, and plays a very important role in China's national economy and national defense construction

processing and forming is not only to meet the requirements of the actual use of materials for the shape, size and accuracy of products, but also plays a very important role in improving the mechanical properties, physical properties and microstructure of materials. With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's material living standards, the demand for the variety, specification and quantity of copper, aluminum and their alloy materials is increasing, and the requirements for the performance, quality and accuracy of materials are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, the corresponding requirements are supported by more advanced copper and aluminum processing technology and equipment, with a view to providing copper, aluminum alloy materials and products with a standard of 0~60mm/min for the national economy and national defense construction

I. Analysis of the current situation of copper and aluminum processing industry and processing technology

since the reform and opening up, non-ferrous metal processing industry has developed rapidly. In 2002, China's total output of copper and aluminum processing materials surpassed that of Germany and Japan, ranking second in the world and becoming the world's largest producer and consumer of copper and aluminum processing after the United States. In recent years, some large state-owned and private copper and aluminum enterprises in China have carried out systematic technological transformation, introduced foreign advanced equipment, and some production equipment has reached or approached the international advanced level; On the basis of digesting and absorbing the imported technology and equipment, it has independently researched and developed new processes and designed and manufactured processing equipment, of which the complete set of casting and rolling equipment and technology have been exported abroad. According to statistics, the processing and production capacity formed by China's advanced equipment accounts for about 40% of the total production capacity. In 2003, the output of copper and aluminum products in China reached 3.3 million tons and 3.9 million tons respectively, an increase of 32.6% and 33.3% over 2002. Zhejiang's copper production was 1.21 million tons, an increase of 45.3%; 930000 tons of aluminum materials in Guangdong, an increase of 44.1% year-on-year; Ranking first in China respectively. In 2003, China's net imports of copper and aluminum were 820000 tons and 260000 tons respectively, and the apparent consumption of domestic copper and aluminum reached 4.12 million tons and 4.16 million tons respectively

(I) China's copper and copper alloy processing technology has successfully developed the copper strip, tube and rod casting technology with China's independent intellectual property rights on the basis of the introduction of technology and the efforts of the majority of scientific and technological personnel for many years. For example, the technology of producing internally threaded copper pipe by horizontal pull casting process and the technology of producing high-quality copper pipe by up drawing process. At present, the horizontal continuous pull casting process can be used to produce high-precision and long strip blanks of brass, red copper, Tin Phosphorus Bronze, white copper, zinc white copper and other alloys, which are used for lead frames for the electronic industry and ultra-thin and high softening point water tank copper strips for the automotive industry. At present, there are more than 1300 copper processing enterprises in China, which can produce about 250 copper alloy gold medals and nearly 10000 specifications. Continuous casting, horizontal continuous casting and upward continuous casting have become the main smelting and casting technology, and the backward oxidized copper rod process has been eliminated by the copper rod continuous casting and rolling process; Copper strip can be produced by rolling method, and coil technology is rapidly popularized; Computer management and control are widely used in enterprises

at present, there are more than 1400 aluminum processing enterprises in China, including more than 600 aluminum profile production enterprises, more than 300 aluminum strip production enterprises, more than 90 aluminum foil production enterprises, and the rest are aluminum die casting, aluminum products, and aluminum cable enterprises. It can produce 18 categories, more than 200 alloys, more than 2400 varieties and more than 13630 specifications of aluminum and its alloys, such as plates, strips, foils, tubes, rods, shapes, wires, forgings, powders, etc. By the end of 2003, the total production capacity reached 5million tons, including 2.5 million tons of extrusion materials, 2million tons of plate and strip materials and 500000 tons of foil materials

aluminum processing equipment has also been greatly improved, and some aspects have reached today's international advanced level. For example, a total of 30 smelting furnaces with a large capacity of 30-60 tons are introduced, with a thermal efficiency of more than 50% and a melting rate of tons/hour; The 2800mm hot rolling production line after the transformation of Southwest Aluminum (Group) company, the 2000mm four roll single stand single coiling hot rolling production line after the transformation of Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd., the continuous casting and rolling line designed and manufactured by China, and the aluminum rapid casting and rolling mill series with Chinese characteristics are all advanced. The technical equipment of some private enterprises has also reached a considerable level. There are only seven single stand four high reversible hot rolling mills: three 2000mm wide aluminum foil mills of xiashun aluminum foil company and four 2000mm aluminum foil mills of Nanshan Group. At present, two 2000mm wide mills of Henan Zhongse Wanji aluminum processing Co., Ltd. and three 2000mm coarse and fine aluminum foil mills of Shanghai Shenhuo aluminum foil Co., Ltd. are under construction. The total equipment capacity of these 12 modern four high high precision rolling mills can reach an annual output of nearly 100000 tons of double zero foil

in recent years, the copper and aluminum processing industry has independently innovated and developed a series of applicable advanced common technologies, mainly including:

1. Horizontal continuous cast pipe planetary rolling coil drawing production of internally threaded copper pipe processing technology. At present, China has built six production lines in Henan Jinlong and Taicang copper mills, with an annual output of more than 50000 tons

2. The continuous upward drawing technology of large-diameter copper tube blank can continuously produce all kinds of water channel copper tubes

3. High precision copper plate and strip production technology, which is applied to the production of water tank copper plate and strip

4. The stretch bending and straightening technology of copper strip is applied to improve the shape accuracy of copper strip

5. The technology of producing electronic lead frame materials from horizontal continuous copper slab - heat treatment - rough rolling - finish rolling has been applied to the production of KFC and 194 electronic lead frame materials

6. It consists of extrusion system, transmission system and heating and cooling system. At present, it can basically meet the requirements of China's electronic industry for electronic copper foil (thickness 18 μ Above)

7. Continuous casting and rolling technology of aluminum slab. By the end of 2003, China had 123 aluminum and aluminum alloy casting mills, with a total capacity of 900000 tons/year. Among them, 12 casters were imported from abroad. The aluminum slab continuous casting mill has been exported

8. Hot top vertical continuous casting technology is widely used in aluminum alloy billets

9. The technology of casting aluminum alloy ingots after direct treatment of electrolytic aluminum liquid has been applied in production

10. The production technology of aluminum foil for capacitors, and the production of various aluminum foil for high and low voltage capacitors

11. Double zero 6 aluminum foil production technology

12. Production technology of aluminum alloy plates for cans

13. Production technology of aluminum lithium alloy sheet. It can cast 6 tons of aluminum lithium alloy ingots and solve the plate production technology

14. Die processing and production technology of large aluminum alloy forgings

15. The production technology of large aluminum alloy profiles for vehicles solves the technical problems of large aluminum alloy profiles for rail vehicles

16. The production technology of medium and small four high mills has been able to mass produce high-precision medium and small four high mills

17. The 10000 ton horizontal aluminum extruder has been successfully designed and manufactured, which has reserved technology for the manufacture of large-scale advanced extruders

(II) the main source of advanced processing technology

1. Introduce foreign advanced processing technology, digest and absorb it, and build China's advanced non-ferrous metal processing production line. For example, the production line and processing technology of internally threaded copper pipe, the production line and processing technology of anisotropic copper strip, the production line and processing technology of copper strip tension bending and straightening, the production line and processing technology of aluminum foil, the production line and processing technology of color coated aluminum plate, and the production line of air cushion heat treatment

2. On the basis of imported technology, innovate and develop advanced processing technology and equipment with China's own intellectual property rights. Such as continuous upward drawing technology and equipment of large-diameter copper tube blank, copper foil production technology and equipment, continuous casting and rolling technology and equipment of aluminum plate blank, etc

3. China's scientific and technological personnel have learned from the limited foreign technical data, and have researched and developed non-ferrous metal processing technology and equipment through technology accumulation and scientific research. Such as horizontal continuous casting pipe planetary rolling pipe coil production internal thread pipe production technology, aluminum strip electromagnetic casting and rolling equipment. Our products sincerely invite dealers, middlemen, and directly use customers to inquire about experimental machines and technology

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