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Analysis on the current situation and Countermeasures of safety production in domestic coating enterprises

in recent years, driven by a series of safety laws and regulations such as the safety production law, the cleaner production law, the fire protection law, the regulations on the safety management of hazardous chemicals and the decision on further strengthening safety production issued by the State Council, some enterprises in the industry have implemented ISO14000 environmental management system Ohs18000 occupational health and safety management system, so that the safety students in the coating industry need to avoid hospital transmission and infection, and the delivery situation has been significantly improved. Many enterprises conscientiously implement the "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management" "The policy has strengthened the safety management of enterprises, improved the safety organization and improved the management system. The safety and technical training of employees has generally improved the legal awareness, safety awareness and technical quality of employees. Some enterprises have also increased the investment in safety production and equipped with necessary fire-fighting, pollution control and occupational health prevention facilities. They have increased investment in scientific research and actively developed environment-friendly new products, which are safe at present." The certification of production license is also being gradually implemented, all of which have prevented major safety production accidents in the coating industry in recent years. However, from the current prevention and control situation of fire accident hazards, chemical toxicity hazards and environmental pollution hazards, the current production safety situation is still not optimistic

1.1 fire is the driving force obtained by spraying and burning chemical materials. Accidents are still hidden dangers of coating enterprises.

with the rapid growth of the total production volume in the coating industry, most small and medium-sized coating enterprises have simple plants and equipment, backward technology, weak safety facilities and safety management, and fire accidents in the industry occur from time to time. According to relevant media reports, from January to May 2006, six enterprises, including a paint factory in Hetang Town, Pengjiang district, Jiangmen City, a paint factory in Yuxian Town, Wuhan, a paint factory in Liuzhou City, a paint factory workshop in Chongqing, a resin company in Guangzhou, and a paint factory in lanshui District, Foshan, had fire accidents of different degrees. These situations show that the prevention and control ability of enterprises' fire hazards is still very poor, and enterprises may have fire hazards at any time

1.2 the situation of prevention and control of chemical toxicity hazards is still very serious

at present, solvent based coatings still account for more than 70% of the product structure of "coating enterprises". Therefore, a large number of 200 # solvent oil, xylene and other solvents and additives are used in the production process, which is prone to combustion and explosion accidents in the production and coating process, and is also prone to acute and chronic chemical poisoning of employees and consumers. Due to "running, emitting, dripping and leaking" of some enterprises "And the protective measures are not in place, and acute and chronic poisoning accidents of employees occur from time to time. According to the statistics of the China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center, thousands of poisoning events are caused by poor ventilation in the coating process and high solvent concentration in indoor space in China every year, and about 10000 people are poisoned.

1.3 the prevention and control of environmental pollution has made slow progress.

at present, solvent based coatings still occupy the majority of the coating product structure in China Major markets, and the amount of more than 50% of the organic matter it contains volatilizes into the atmosphere during construction is about hundreds of thousands of tons per year, which is the third largest source of air pollution after automobile exhaust and smoke drift dust. In addition, the treatment of waste gas, waste residue, sewage, etc. in the production process of enterprises is difficult. The current situation of many enterprises is that the technology that can be cured cannot be used, and the technology that can be used cannot be cured. It still stays in the level of coping with headache, foot pain and foot pain, and officials do not care about the people. The treatment is not good, which is far from the actual requirements

the prevention and control of hazard sources in the above three aspects shows that there are still some prominent problems that cannot be ignored in the safety production management of the coating industry, both shallow problems and deep-seated contradictions; There are not only historical accumulation, but also new problems under the new situation, which can be summarized in the following aspects:

(1) lack of enterprise safety culture and weak safety awareness

in the industry, except for a few enterprises that pay more attention to the construction of safety culture, most enterprises have not attracted enough attention. The safety awareness of the enterprise is weak, and the safety concept of safety first, the management concept of discipline and law-abiding, and the working concept of safe operation have not been rooted in thought and implemented in work. For example, the leaders of some enterprises verbally say "safety first" but actually "profit first and sales volume first"; Verbally speaking, "prevention first", but in fact, they often don't think much of hidden dangers. When higher authorities or law enforcement departments come to inspect, they always want to cover up some problems as much as possible. For example, pollution treatment facilities often come "on" and go "off". The problems found are often minor and trivial; employees sometimes don't operate according to the operating procedures in order to save time and effort, and so on.

(2) enterprise safety management decline, The phenomenon of "three violations" is relatively common

at present, many enterprises, especially many small and medium-sized enterprises, are more common in illegal command, illegal operation and violation of labor discipline, which is also the main reason for various safety production accidents. From the analysis of fire and explosion accidents and occupational poisoning accidents in paint enterprises in recent years, most of them are due to "three violations" Caused by human behavior. For example, on June 9, 2004, Beijing Daxing coating factory caused direct economic losses. 71 therefore, there was an obvious yield phenomenon and necking phenomenon. The fire accident of 10000 yuan was caused by the direct person's illegal operation in the process of removing methylbenzene, resulting in the fire of toluene caused by static electricity. Another example is the fire of a paint factory in Weiling village, Longtan street, Chenghua District, Chengdu on May 15, 2006, which was caused by the illegal storage of flammable finished products in simple warehouses

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