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Analysis of the current situation and future development of warp knitting industry

I. the development process of warp knitting

1 The development history of warp knitted products

since the 1970s, warp knitted products have developed rapidly in China, with an increasing variety of products. The application fields are also peek has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, X-ray transmission good biocompatibility, and so on. In just half a century, warp knitting products have been widely used in industry, agriculture, geotechnical engineering, construction engineering, transportation, national defense and military, aerospace, medical and health care and other industrial fields, and have achieved great success. From mosquito net cloth to lace, home textile, artificial satellite, undersea tunnel, wind power blade, synthetic building board and so on, warp knitted fabric can be seen everywhere. Warp knitted products have developed into an indispensable fabric situation in the fields of home textile, clothing, industry and so on. In recent years, with the introduction of multi axial and biaxial warp knitting machines, composites produced by warp knitting technology have also become the top priority in the field of industrial use

2. The development process of warp knitting machinery

Warp Knitting Machinery experienced 303 and 304 warp knitting machines in the 1970s, and imported warp knitting machines began to enter China in the 1980s. Now, our national warp knitting machinery has reached the production speed of 3000 sets/year, and the whole development speed is beyond imagination. Not only the number of warp knitting machinery has increased, but also the manufacturing level has been greatly improved. The speed of the high-speed machine has changed from 1000 to 4400, and the maximum door width has changed from 90 inches to 268 inches. In these 30 years or so, earth shaking changes have taken place. At the same time, we have to mention the manufacturing level of domestic warp knitting machinery. Nowadays, it not only has good materials and high processing accuracy, but also extends to a variety of specifications, high machine number, wide width, etc. at the same time, it develops to the direction of special-purpose and specialization, and a number of high-level warp knitting machinery manufacturing enterprises have emerged. Changzhou Runyuan warp knitting machinery Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing warp knitting equipment since 2002. In less than 10 years, the company has only one product at the beginning. Up to now, its products cover clothing, home textiles, industry and many other fields, and its production capacity has grown from a few per month at the beginning to an annual output of 500 warp knitting machines. Other peers including Changde Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. and Xingang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. have also developed rapidly, which is a good proof of the rapid development of China's domestic warp knitting manufacturing industry and the overall improvement of technology and quality stability. The massive localization of equipment has further driven the rapid and healthy development of the industry as a whole

II. Advantages of warp knitting industry

1 Technology intensive advantage

warp knitting industry is an advantageous industry that has been growing in recent years. China's warp knitting industry occupies an important position in the textile industry with its high scientific and technological content, excellent production efficiency, unique product performance and other advantages

today's warp knitting equipment is not only good in material quality and high in processing precision, but also has extended to a variety of specifications, high machine number, wide width and other directions, and at the same time, it has developed to a dedicated and professional direction. Rich models and simple debugging expand the design space of warp knitting products

at the same time, the packaging materials with excellent decorative product structure refer to the materials used to manufacture packaging containers, packaging decoration, packaging printing, packaging and transportation to meet the requirements of product packaging, the upgrading of clothing fabrics, and the expansion of industrial warp knitted products to more application fields. Many products with high technological content come into being at the right time, such as key components for hemodialysis devices, artificial blood vessels, wind power generation, reinforcement materials, etc

in addition, warp knitted products with high scientific and technological content and added value in China's export products, such as lace, elastic fabrics and warp knitted products for some industries, are increasingly becoming more competitive varieties in China's textile exports

2. Advantages of industrial clusters

since the early 1980s, a number of warp knitting industrial clusters with unique characteristics and close industrial chains have been formed in the southeast coastal areas of China. After several years of development, the warp knitting industrial cluster has become a major feature of the development of the economy. The output value, sales revenue and profit growth rate of the warp knitting industrial cluster are significantly higher than the average level of the textile industry and the knitting industry. Fujian Changle, Zhejiang Haining, Guangdong Shantou, Jiangsu Changzhou, Jiangsu Changshu, etc. 1. The industrial cluster that should regularly lubricate sliding parts has become a model among them. The clustering advantage of the domestic warp knitting industry lies in the complete industrial supporting facilities and abundant products. Polylactic acid and starch based plastics will continue to dominate the biodegradable plastic packaging market, with rich, complete specifications, low production costs, strong competitive advantages, and some products even have strong international competitiveness

3. Strong competitiveness and obvious development advantages

as we all know, the warp knitting industry is the key development and upgrading industry of China's knitting industry during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". Many provincial and municipal governments attach great importance to the development of the warp knitting industry and take the warp knitting industry with high technology content as the main industry to be vigorously supported. In recent years, the booming market of warp knitting products has made the warp knitting industry become the highlight of the knitting industry and even the entire textile industry, and more and more people and funds have invested in the warp knitting industry. From the just concluded 2011 Shanghai textile machinery exhibition, I think the most profound feeling is that the proportion of warp knitting equipment is getting higher and higher. Warp knitting equipment can be seen everywhere in the whole exhibition, which is rare in previous exhibitions

another thing I have to mention is that the warp knitting equipment on the market at present belongs to relatively new machines, which just shows that the whole industry belongs to a period of vigorous development. I believe that the spring of the warp knitting industry is coming

4. Labor cost advantage

we all know that warp knitting equipment is one of the most technologically advanced textile machinery equipment, and the high efficiency of warp knitting equipment also makes the labor cost relatively low. According to the survey, the labor demand of the warp knitting industry is significantly lower than the average level of the textile industry, but the labor productivity is significantly higher than that of other textile industries. This advantage is even more important today when the currency is increasingly obvious and the labor cost is increasing

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