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Details of satellite flexographic printing machine

satellite flexographic printing machine, several printing units are arranged around the impression cylinder. This printing machine has accurate overprint and high printing accuracy, but it can only print on one side

the number of satellite flexo printing machines is not large. They are basically imported equipment, generally wide width machines. It is mainly used for printing film products that can still pass the security inspection

satellite flexographic printing machine is one of the flexographic printing methods that are less applied and slower developed in China, which has a great relationship with the understanding of the industry and historical reasons. Satellite flexographic printing machine is a public type printing machine with an impression cylinder, that is, there is only one impression cylinder. The paper route of this model cannot be changed, and the printing line is short. However, due to the high requirements for sharing the imprinting drum in the middle, when the number of units is too large, the machine will appear very cumbersome

however, satellite flexographic printing has many advantages, in addition to the advantages of high overprint accuracy and high speed. In fact, it has great advantages when printing large-area color blocks (on the spot), which is comparable to intaglio printing. Because the ceramic roller is used to accurately control the ink load, when printing large field color blocks by flexographic printing, it only needs about 1.2g ink per square meter without affecting color saturation. Intaglio printing requires 3g/m2 or even higher (some article data show that 4~6g/m2), plus the supporting solvents, the actual cost of ink use alone is far higher than that of flexo printing. Another advantage is that users should pay attention to the problem of energy consumption. Due to the flexographic printing structure, ink, inking volume and so on, it does not need too much heat energy to completely dry the printed live parts. Therefore, generally, an 8-color flexographic press, with a speed of 300m/min, uses an electric heating mode with a power of no more than 8. Therefore, it also determines that the single arm type can be used for 0kw/hour. Other printing methods usually require more than 150kw/hour of energy consumption, or even higher. For the current domestic power consumption situation is not optimistic, 93 chlorinated polyethylene waterproof membrane, this can be said to be very good news. Of course, satellite flexographic printing machine still has its shortcomings. Mainly in the aspect of printing restoration, although the products can be printed to 175 lines, with the increase of related costs, the overall application still lags behind offset printing and gravure printing. When printing products with high line count, it is powerless. This is a common problem of flexo printing, and it is also the place that needs to be improved most

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