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Details of color business cards in the printing process

in this era of business cards flooding, any one of them is at least a supervisor or manager. Some people have a lot of titles on their business cards, which makes people dizzy. Therefore, it is not surprising that people have low trust in the business card itself. The main reason is the lack of integrity, but the poor handling of the details of business card printing is also a very important factor, leading people to think that they are liars at a glance. This paper explains how to deal with these details from the perspective of color business card printing

I. key points of design

remember that the design of color business card printing is too complex. On the contrary, the simple and simple business card design often makes people remember at a glance and has a good impression. In general, the background color should not be too much, at most two colors can be. Plus the company logo, no other design is required. If the design of a single business card used for general mimeograph is very simple, we need to pay attention to the problem of chromaticity

for business cards printed in full page, generally ten business cards are printed on a piece of paper. Pay attention to leaving a space of 1mm in the middle when typesetting according to the business card standard (5590mm) for cutting. It is best to set corner lines around the corners for alignment. A vertical line is also needed in the middle and up and down for the first cutting

if the business card is made by the printing press, ten sets can be made for typesetting. The position: 98mm horizontally and 57.5mm vertically to make 10 sets, and then put 10 sets in the middle of the page, which is conducive to the cutting of the business card machine. (coreldraw9: arrangement deformation, corelDRAW12: arrangement transformation)

II. Making content

the main function of business cards is to facilitate each other's contact, so the content must start from this basic function to reduce unnecessary interference factors. Under normal circumstances, the company logo, name and contact information, plus personal identity. Several factors should be matched. If the same person has different identities, such as the general manager of a company, the director of an association, and other multiple identities, it is not recommended to appear on one business card at the same time, but one identity and one design, which can share different business cards in different fields. When communicating with each other, other identities can be introduced

third, production material

from the material point of view, color business card printing is mainly divided into paper, metal, electroplating, plastic, frosted, pet, wood, mahogany, etc., but from the high-level exchanges, we noticed that business cards are divorced from their original functions and tend to show off, which is often difficult to achieve the goal that too high humidity will weaken the wear marks in the end

therefore, the materials of business cards should be appropriate, and there is no need to be too economical to be stingy. They are made of inferior paper, and there is no need for luxury. Luxurious business cards often just show your self-confidence

IV. requirements for finished products

1. The standard specification of business cards is: 9055mm. Pay attention to your cutting machine. If the standard is normal, the business cards arranged in 9055mm will be smaller and smaller. It is possible that the best one is only 45mm. Therefore, it is best to set 9056 or 57mm when sizing the business cards to ensure room for bleeding

2. When typesetting, pay attention to adding a cross or vertical short line of printing output on the top and bottom of the middle to ensure that the middle can be aligned when cutting one into two. In addition, the four corners should also be set with a 90 degree symbol angle, and the final paper cutting should be aligned. When cutting a single-sided business card, pay attention to press the middle position tightly with one hand and cut it cleanly with the other hand. In addition, generally, the business card paper cutter can only cut less than 5 pieces, which is too thick and easy to remove the paper, resulting in burrs. Pay attention to the finished product without teeth

3. Double sided business cards should pay special attention to the alignment and registration of positive and negative business cards. Because for an inkjet printer, the image you choose to print in the center is not necessarily the real center. Hit the front side down and the back side down, and pay attention to the margin. Try several times according to your printer, fine tune the bleeding and left and right margins in the print preview, and then output, including the restart of ttlin mine under Galaxy resources and the mtmarion mine project in which Ganfeng lithium has a 43.1% stake. Generally, a box of business cards contains ten pieces of paper, and eleven or twelve pieces are prepared first. Wasting oneortwo pieces is inevitable for food safety inspection. After finding out the rules, everything will be much easier

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