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Details of carriage bolts basic standard of carriage bolts

carriage bolts are divided into large half round head carriage bolts (corresponding to standards gb/t14 and din603) and small half round head carriage bolts (corresponding to standard gb/t) according to the size of the head. Carriage bolt, a kind of fastener composed of head and screw (cylinder with external thread), needs to be matched with nut to fasten and connect two parts with through holes

definition of carriage bolt:

carriage bolt refers to round head square neck screw, English is carriage bolt

basic information of carriage bolt:

generally speaking, bolts are used to connect two objects, usually through light holes, which need to be used together with nuts, and a single bolt does not work. Tools are usually spanners. The head is mostly hexagonal, which is generally larger than the vertical right angle observed by theodolite with a minimum reading of less than 2. Carriage bolts are used in the groove. The square neck is stuck in the groove during the installation process, which can prevent the bolt from rotating. Carriage bolts can also be used by colleagues and classmates. Our machine moves parallel in the groove. Because the head of carriage bolt is round, there is no design of available power tools such as cross groove or hexagonal socket, which can also play a role in anti-theft in the actual connection process

materials: carbon steel, Q235, 45 # steel, stainless steel

Xinjiang Zhonghe is an important part of TBEA 1 high, two new and three national strategic emerging industries. Nominal diameter: 5mm--20mm

length: 15mm--300mm

surface treatment methods: zinc plating, chromium plating, copper plating, Surface blackening

carriage bolt standard:

stainless steel round head square neck bolt (carriage bolt) specification: German standard din603

stainless steel small round head square neck carriage bolt specification: national standard g Tianjin steel pipe scrap purchase price is reduced by 40 yuan/ton; Guangxi Wuzhou Yongda scrap purchase price fell by 20 yuan/ton; Anhui Lixin special steel scrap purchase fell 20 yuan/ton b/t

stainless steel round head square neck carriage bolt specification: national standard gb/t

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