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Explore the development market of insulating glass equipment

the insulating glass production and processing equipment industry has experienced many years of development, and the competition is fierce. Various manufacturers are competing fiercely in the price war of insulating glass equipment. Some manufacturers in the insulating glass equipment industry can't withstand such fierce competition for electromagnetic resonance type high-frequency competition pressure, so they choose to change careers

at present, the technology of the insulating glass production line is relatively stable, which is basically the combination of materials and prices. Companies with small sales volume do not have an advantage in the cost of insulating glass equipment, and it is difficult to maintain the normal operation of the enterprise

so how to do a good job in the sales of empty glass production equipment? How to tap potential hollow glass machine customers

at present, in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the competition is fierce. Customers have high requirements for the performance of insulating glass machinery, so they choose more imported equipment, and avoid sudden opening and closing. Moreover, the site and labor costs in first tier cities are high. Many insulating glass enterprises are difficult to survive, and they basically purchase from surrounding cities

the insulating glass equipment in the first tier cities is mainly high-end, and the amount of insulating glass machinery is less, so one parameter can be changed at a time, so the first tier cities are not the first place for domestic brands at present

at present, the second tier cities are the regions with the largest sales of insulating glass equipment. There are a large number of insulating glass machines in the second tier cities, but the manufacturer competition is also very fierce

at present, the insulating glass industry has a trend of development and expansion in counties and cities. At present, vertical insulating glass equipment still has a large sales volume. Developing county and municipal customers is still the next direction of many insulating glass equipment manufacturers. In addition to the domestic market, the international market is a better increment for insulating glass equipment enterprises. Although the volume of the international market is small, this part of the competition threshold is relatively high and the profit is high, which is the best choice to improve sales and profit

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