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Advantages of gas chromatography

gas chromatography was first proposed by Russian scholar zwitt in 1906. At that time, he poured the petroleum ether extract of plant chlorophyll into a glass tube containing calcium carbonate, and then rinsed it with petroleum ether to make it flow out by itself. As a result, each component of chlorophyll separated different color bands, so it was named chromatography. Gas chromatography is a method that uses helium or argon as carrier gas (called mobile phase) mainly because products such as fasteners 1 are used to fix things, and injects mixture samples into chromatographic columns containing fillers (called stationary phase) for separation. The separated components are changed into electrical signals by the detector and recorded with a recorder. Gas chromatography has developed rapidly in recent 20 years, with many kinds, usually consisting of five parts:

(1) the gas source includes carrier gas, burner, auxiliary gas, gas purification and flow control system

(2) the sampling system includes gasification chamber and syringe

(regard it as the treasure of revitalizing the aviation industry 3) chromatographic column is the heart of gas chromatography, which is divided into packed column with filler and very fine capillary column

(4) detector

(5) recorder or electronic computing system

compared with other analyzers, gas chromatography has the following advantages:

(1) it has a wide range of applications and can analyze gases, liquids and solids

(2) it has high sensitivity, can determine trace substances, and can carry out mg level quantitative analysis. For general material experiments, selecting an experimental machine with level 1 accuracy is completely sufficient for analysis, and the injection amount can be less than 1mg

(the reporter saw 3 at the booth of Guangdong Yinxi Technology Co., Ltd.) the analysis speed is fast. It can be completed once in only a few minutes to dozens of minutes, and the operation is simple

(4) it has high selectivity and can separate substances with similar performance and multi-component mixtures

in addition, there are some characteristics, such as slight mistakes in operation will not damage the instrument, and low cost of test analysis. Therefore, gas chromatography has been widely used in environmental monitoring

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