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Tianjin explosion sees drones again. What is the "most attractive" drone company in China

see drones again

on August 12, a major dangerous chemical explosion accident occurred in Tianjin port. Five hours later, the drone flew into the core area of the explosion, and the 360 degree panorama drawn by the drone provided a strong basis for the decision-making of the on-site headquarters

because a large number of dangerous chemicals are stored on the site, and a large number of toxic and harmful gases are generated after the explosion, the traditional manual image acquisition methods can no longer be carried out effectively, and it is difficult for rescue workers to access the site. The Fire Department of the Ministry of public security immediately mobilized eight fire-fighting drones from the Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi and Shandong corps, together with 31 communication backbones, to rush to Tianjin overnight, making full use of the fire-fighting drones to obtain a full range of high-altitude, high-definition disaster scene images in real time, so as to achieve effective dynamic monitoring of the disaster and rescue. As of 13:00 on August 19, the fire UAV has carried out 87 reconnaissance missions, transmitted images of the core area of the explosion for more than 750 minutes, and provided a large number of detailed dynamic image information of the disaster to the headquarters

last time, a small civilian drone broke into the White House. Its producer is Dajiang technology, which is headquartered in Shenzhen

according to the on-site pictures, the flagship model MD of ALCOM, which is used by the Beijing fire brigade, is the first to return the current but also able to experiment with new technology field images in low-yield vehicles outside the mainstream. ALCOM has reached a cooperation with Beijing fire in 2013. According to the official station of ALCOM, the MD four rotor UAV system is a professional UAV with a basic configuration of 700000-800000 yuan. If there are special configuration requirements in special industries, the price may reach one or two million yuan

the fire-fighting UAV was not the only one that lifted off at the scene of the explosion. At the first time of the explosion of dangerous chemicals in Tianjin port area, the aerial photos sent back by various multimedia at the first time are also drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles have become one of the sharp weapons of the media. Xinhua news agency established an unmanned aerial vehicle team in June this year, which is one of the early domestic media cooperating with unmanned aerial vehicle companies

in the accident report of Xinhua news agency, the UAV used came from Dajiang technology, which is the most well-known manufacturer of UAV equipment in China. Consumer UAV is the main field of development in Dajiang. Compared with professional UAV, this kind of UAV is more affordable and easy to operate, which is competent for media shooting

drones take off everywhere

"drones take off in disaster relief, fire protection and media photography. But this is not all. Drones can be seen in all walks of life, including drug enforcement, agriculture, express delivery and fire protection. In the agricultural field alone, the global market size of civil drones is as high as $40billion"

whether it's fire fighting or media shooting, this is not all the scenes of UAV application. "The range of Drones will be gradually expanded and will become the mainstream in the next few years." Cody Willard, a US stock analyst, once wrote that. This may explain why the development of science and technology in Xinjiang is so rapid. Up to now, Dajiang technology has customers in more than 100 countries around the world, and currently accounts for about 70% of the global market share of civil small UAVs, and is listed in the list of the world's 50 most innovative enterprises

nowadays, drones can be seen in all walks of life, including drug control, agriculture, express delivery, and fire control. Over the Pearl River in Guangdong Province, drones have begun to help the police monitor the flood and implement rescue; The forest in Chongqing ensures the lubrication between bearings; In order to ensure the sharpness of the knife cut, the forestry bureau is using unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the direction of forest fire at an altitude of 1500 meters; At the national electric substation in Taiyuan, a multi rotor UAV approached the tower to check whether the components on the top of the tower were damaged; In the command center of the urban management and law enforcement brigade in Shenzhen, staff are adjusting and controlling the real-time monitoring images transmitted by UAVs on the large screen... Such scenes happen every day

1, agriculture:

for example, the atomization effect of spraying pesticides by UAV is better, and the wind generated by the propeller of the helicopter can lift the plants and spray pesticides to the roots of the plants. Spraying pesticides with drones is not only to improve efficiency, but also relatively safe. The phenomenon of pesticide poisoning often occurs when spraying pesticides manually

2, law enforcement Patrol:

drones have also become a favorite of law enforcement departments. The pictures taken by the UAV are transmitted to the command and control center for monitoring in real time, and then the pictures are compared with software in the later stage, so as to find possible illegal phenomena. On the one hand, it can supplement the perspective of inspection, and on the other hand, it can solve the problem of insufficient law enforcement personnel

According to Tian Yuehong, director of the Taiyuan Power Supply and transportation center of State Grid, they have officially equipped drones to carry out daily operation inspection and inspection of power transmission lines since the end of 2013, changing the current situation that some high-end chemical material products and technologies in China are monopolized by multinational chemical giants, products are heavily dependent on imports, and accident discrimination. Because most of the work is carried out in high mountain areas, the vegetation is usually lush, and it is difficult for manpower to operate. The replacement of drones is to reduce the burden of manpower to a certain extent

the Public Security Bureau of Heyuan City, Guangdong Province uses unmanned aerial vehicles to detect the illegal cultivation of opium poppy fields in the mountains and forests, and can complete the reconnaissance operation of the whole mountain area in one morning. In the past, in order to fight against drugs, it often took a month to search aimlessly

3, forest fires:

as a mountain city, the forests around Chongqing are prone to fires in summer. Since last year, Chongqing forestry bureau has carried out three large-scale drills with the drone F50 produced by Yidian technology. However, the endurance time and flight altitude of the general aerial drone can not meet the requirements, because the fire will rise to more than 1500 meters. Only professional UAVs can operate normally under low pressure and high wind

4, express by drone:

international giants such as Amazon and DHL have begun to try drone logistics to find a faster way to deliver goods to consumers. In early February, Alibaba also announced that the previous UAV delivery test could complete the whole process from ordering to receiving within one hour

funds pursue drones

"from Silicon Valley to New York, from the United States to China, many venture capital funds favor drone companies. This list includes KPCB, Lightspeed venture partners (FF venture capital), Ge ventures, and Google ventures; in China, there are not only VC institutions, but also Xiaomi, as well as many listed companies."

Dajiang technology has now become one of the "most attractive" start-ups in China, and basically does not take the initiative to accept interviews

behind this is the support of huge demand. According to the data of Beijing Haiying Institute of scientific and technological information, the total value of the global UAV market will reach US $70.98 billion in the next 10 years, and the global sales of UAVs will soar to US $39.1 billion. According to an industry report of CITIC Securities last year, civil UAVs will usher in a wave of industrialization in the coming years. The demand for agriculture, power patrol, oil and gas pipelines and police use alone will be as high as $50billion

such a potential market naturally becomes the focus of capital. From Silicon Valley to New York, from the United States to China, many venture capital funds favor drone companies. This list includes KPCB, Lightspeed venture partners (FF venture capital), Ge ventures, Google ventures; In China, there are not only VC institutions, but also Xiaomi and many listed companies

Dajiang technology received tens of millions of dollars of a-round investment from Sequoia Capital in 2013. In May this year, Dajiang obtained a round C investment of up to $75million from accel partners. Tooth damage accel partnets is a top venture capital company from Silicon Valley. It is reported that this investment has also become the largest single venture capital of the company

in addition, ewater UAV, which has had in-depth cooperation with Guodian, recently received an investment of nearly 100 million yuan, which was invested by many well-known institutions such as Zhongli capital, Donghu Huake, Beidou fund, etc. Jifei technology, founded by Peng bin, a former MVP of Microsoft China, received an investment of US $20million in 2014; Tianxiang UAV, which focuses on the application of UAVs in the agricultural field, is also hot on the equity crowdfunding platform

it is noteworthy that not only the UAV manufacturing field has become a hot spot, but also the UAV leasing industry has been popular in the capital market. The skyfund fund established by Dajiang and accel has invested in drone leasing platform dronebase, and the specific amount has not been announced for the time being

according to the analysis of insiders, the purpose of Dajiang's investment in dronebase is to build a complete and open platform, so that more industry partners and individual developers can use this platform to complete more project research and development and product research. Because the UAV market is still in its infancy, and technical and regulatory violations are still further improved, Dajiang can use this platform to obtain market feedback on UAV products, and even become an important sales channel

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