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Exploring the future development direction of the printing industry, founder electronics released the concept of "universal printing factory"

from May 14 to 18, the five-day eighth Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (chinaprint2013) focused on the latest technologies and products of the global printing industry. Founder Electronics showed its all-round printing factory covering traditional printing, digital printing, web printing, digital green printing process and business model for printing users at this exhibition, which attracted the attention and praise of many guests and users, and opened the curtain of the whole process of digitalization, networking and mobility of the printing industry

vice president and Secretary of China printing and equipment industry association. These tubular supports have different diameters and thicknesses. Lu Chang'an, the book director, Zhang Zhaodong, the director and President of Founder group, Xiao Jianguo, the director and chief technical officer of Founder group, Fang Zhonghua, the senior vice president of Founder group and the CEO of Founder trust industry group, etc. visited the founder electronic exhibition area during the exhibition, witnessing the release of the concept of universal printing factory and a variety of products and technologies

Lu Chang'an said in his speech at the ribbon cutting and unveiling ceremony for the all-round printing factory that Founder Electronics is a typical enterprise with special significance for China's printing industry. Over the years, through its own continuous development and innovation, it has continued to contribute leading technologies and products to the industry. It is hoped that Founder Electronics will continue to maintain its innovative spirit, play a leading role in the industry and make greater contributions to promoting the development of the industry

the new concept of all-round printing factory is put forward by Founder Electronics in response to the needs of the integration, transformation and development of printing enterprises. It integrates the technology accumulation of Founder Electronics in the field of printing and it for nearly 30 years, and represents the strategic development direction of printing business in the future. Omnipotent printing factory includes five parts: traditional printing, digital printing, web printing, digital green printing process and business model. It is the integration of printing, digital and web, which can help printing enterprises form unique advantages from three aspects: product setting, internal operation and process efficiency, and external business ability

during the exhibition, founder electronics, which has a complete product line from production, management to operation, created a real-life all-round printing factory for visitors. In traditional printing and digital German national standards, din16901 standard for dimensional tolerance of plastic parts and din16749 standard for dimensional tolerance of mold cavity are specially formulated. In various fields, such as printing, web printing, digital green printing process, consulting services, etc., corresponding products and solutions are displayed on site

in addition to the introduction of the concept of all-round printing factory, many new software and hardware products with independent intellectual property rights of founder electronics were also unveiled and released at the exhibition, including digital green printing process solutions. The solution is composed of Founder printing jieluo printing platform, founder printing production management tool, founder Changliu hybrid printing process, founder ruicai general color correction platform, founder printing, which makes hot samples such as films as heavy injection molding parts as easy to operate ERP system, and so on. It has cast the fatigue experimental machine for internal operation and production of all-round printing factory, which is also the soul

as the only domestic high-end digital ink-jet printer with independent intellectual property rights and reaching the international advanced level, founder jieying ink-jet printer also appeared at this exhibition. The newly released two inkjet digital printing machines, founder jieying P5100 and P5200, are the latest research and development achievements of Founder Electronics in recent two years, and have industry-leading advantages such as high quality, wide format, high production capacity and low cost

during the exhibition, 11 leading printing enterprises, including Henan Xinhua Printing Group Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia media group and Shanghai inor group, signed on-site contracts with Founder Electronics respectively, expressing their recognition of the concept of Founder Electronics' all-round printing factory with practical actions

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