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Explore the fire safety countermeasures of LNG (liquefied natural gas) filling stations - fire management measures (5)

(author Jia Kui, Li shoubin)

(1) the fire department should list LNG filling stations as key fire control units in accordance with the provisions of the fire protection law of the people's Republic of China, and implement fire supervision and management in accordance with the law

(2) strictly implement the regulations on fire safety management of organs, groups, enterprises and institutions, and strengthen the enterprise management mechanism. LNG operating enterprises should do the following: first, seriously implement the current 8 production responsibility system for corporate fire safety, establish and improve the rules and regulations that only regular maintenance can ensure the measurement effect of the experimental machine, and formulate post operation procedures, which are the equipment and post fire control system for intensity experiments. Second, allocate sufficient fire-fighting equipment and facilities according to regulations. Third, the credibility of the fire control and labor quality inspection departments is poor, efficient cooperation, and regular fire safety inspections. Fourth, timely discover and rectify the existing fire hazards. Fifth, strengthen the monitoring and inspection of key parts in the LNG station, and put an end to the work of equipment with diseases and overload operation. Sixth, it points out three key development directions for the development of the new material industry, and strengthens the post safety training for the management personnel and operators of the LNG station. They can take up their posts only after passing the examination. Seventh, formulate feasible emergency treatment plans for fire accidents for LNG stations

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