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According to China news service, on the morning of the 31st, the water well near the Union Square in New York City sent out a huge explosion sound, caught fire and smoke, and the window glass of the famous strand bookstore nearby was shattered

according to CBS, at about 6:30 a.m. that day, near Union Square in New York, three sewer wellheads at the junction of Broadway and east 12th Street exploded and caught fire, making a loud noise, and the glass of many buildings, including the strand bookstore, was shattered. Firefighters from New York City Fire Department and staff from Edison United Electric Company rushed to the scene soon. First, the main equipment for the inspection of construction materials. A nearby resident tweeted that he was awakened by the explosion in the morning and saw a fire truck outside the window. Someone also posted that the explosion could be felt in the Union Square subway station. Fortunately, no one was killed in the explosion, and two such firefighters were slightly injured

the New York Post reported that the explosion was caused by snowmelt salt washed into the sewer by rainwater. A spokesman for Edison United Electric said that due to the heavy snow two weeks ago, there was still a lot of snow mixed with salt on the streets of New York. The rain that morning washed the salt in the snow into the sewer, and the salt sparked with the wires in the underground pipe, causing an explosion. The spokesman also said that the company's electrical services were not affected

cbs reported that after treatment, the flames in the water well have been extinguished by the Jianguo No.1 technical platform, and the danger has been eliminated. However, it is still a headache to open the broken glass of the electromechanical before cleaning the road and wiring the system is loaded. In order to deal with the water well that exploded, firefighters blocked the section of east 12th Street between Broadway and fourth avenue. Due to the morning rush hour, the surrounding traffic was greatly affected

in addition, as of the afternoon of that day, the relevant roads were still closed, and firefighters and Edison United Electric Company were evaluating the damage caused by the explosion

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