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LED lighting advantages in rainy and foggy days Bazhong Nanjiang county street lamp energy conservation transformation project in response to the call of the national "13th five year plan" for energy conservation and emission reduction, Nanjiang County Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau has invested funds and technology to carry out energy-saving transformation of all street lamps in Bazhong Nanjiang County through public bidding with the energy-saving benefit sharing contract energy management mode, Replace the original high-pressure sodium lamp with LED street lamp with environmental protection, no pollution, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life. The project has been fully completed and passed the acceptance, with a power saving rate of more than 70%. The street lamp transformation of "zero investment, common income and maintenance free" of Nanjiang county government has been realized

from the perspective of energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and comfort, the Nanjiang project replaces low color temperature led street lamps with strong light penetration, high display, stability and warmth

Nanjiang is located in a mountainous area with many rainy and foggy days. In road lighting, especially in rainy and foggy days, the color temperature and color rendering index can not be ignored

different color temperatures lead to different penetrability. In visible light, the penetrability decreases in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The lower the color temperature is, the stronger the penetrability is, and vice versa

the color rendering index of sodium lamp is about ra17, and that of ordinary LED is about ra65 to ra80. The lack of blue spectrum of sodium lamp directly leads to the low color rendering index of sodium lamp

under the irradiation of sodium lamp, there is no reflected light on the blue object, so in the fog, the blue object will be submerged in the background light, and people will not see the blue object. This will lead to traffic accidents. LED street lamps have obvious advantages of high light intensity and strong light penetration in rainy and foggy days. This will not happen if LED lighting with low color temperature is used

therefore, the LED street lamp energy-saving transformation government of Bazhong Nanjiang project not only saves the maximum load elongation and failure elongation of electricity charges: under the action of tensile stress, the elongation and maintenance costs produced by the trial under the maximum load or within the gauge length during failure, but also highlights the strong sense of Nanjiang government to be people-oriented, save energy and reduce emissions, and benefit the society

it is understood that Jingchen times, which implements this project, is a professional energy-saving service company in the field of lighting, and has the following three advantages: first, Jingchen times is a professional energy-saving service company with qualifications filed by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance. It is an energy-saving service company supported and encouraged by the state. For energy-saving service projects carried out with the contract energy management mechanism, Be able to enjoy the national financial and tax incentives and preferential policies; Secondly, it is a company with a solid foundation in technology, with dozens of relevant patents and independent knowledge brands. It is a national high-tech and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, and it is also the drafting unit of the national standards of the limited value and grade of energy efficiency of LED lamps for tunnel lighting and the limited value and grade of energy efficiency of LED lamps for road lighting. According to this standard, the street lamps provided by the company Tunnel lamp products and contracted energy management services have achieved a good model effect and are developing towards the integration of the industrial chain; 3、 Relying on the strong capital and professional team of Hanyin capital's four strategic investors since its inception, and based on its own LED series energy-saving and intelligent product technology, the company has established a number of achievements in energy-saving transformation, night scene lighting and road lighting in the industry, and has been widely recognized by the market

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