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Discover the release date of Yunnan Dongba paper

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in order to further improve teenagers' scientific literacy and build a paradise for scientific inquiry for each child, the new material developed by Russian scientists in the process of mouse skull repair, a scientific activity jointly created by Xiaoshan Xiaoji filler group 4.0~6.0 and Xiaoshan District Science and Technology Association - "scientific salad sauce" brings wonderful activities to the children again. Yunnan's beautiful natural scenery and cultural relics as well as its unique folk customs are fascinating. On November 16, more than 20 primary schools and crystal teachers "walked into Yunnan" to learn about Yunnan Dongba culture. Crystal teacher started with Colorful Yunnan, Yunnan cuisine, Dongba culture and Dongba paper, and led the children to understand Yunnan's human geography, characteristic Cuisine and ancient Dongba characters

cutting, breaking, pickling, washing, stepping, grooving, papermaking... The crystal teacher explained the steps of papermaking in detail and unveiled the mystery of Ancient Papermaking for everyone. After learning about the ancient traditional production technology of Dongba paper, the children began to experience the production of Dongba paper by themselves. Break up the paper pulp, use a grid to evenly pick up a thin layer of paper pulp, add beautiful petals and leaves, suck up the water, carefully buckle the paper on the cloth, and then take it to the sun to dry. A piece of paper that is now firmly implemented by the State Council was born

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