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Secret exploration: FANUC intelligent robot world

the famous robot technology supplier FANUC appeared at the 2009 China Industry Expo with its large-scale yellow lineup of 252m2. 12 FANUC robots were all yellow, lined up neatly, performing their duties and performing their duties. Onlookers gathered in an endless stream, attracting CCTV 2, Shanghai TV comprehensive channel, Oriental, people's news, international finance news, morning post, Tiantian Xinbao The golden times, Pudong times and other multi-media have interviewed, photographed and reported. A stone stirred waves. Many viewers came to the scene to visit in person after watching TV, and the response was beyond imagination. Tens of thousands of viewers stopped to watch in five days. Then how does this "FANUC intelligent robot world" interpret? Next, let me unveil its mystery for you

FANUC "intelligent robot world" booth

audience interaction area:

head shaking, flashing lights appear frequently

a FANUC robot is "competing" with the large number of samples in the on-site watch 4. Grab a dice from the tray and stack the dice layer by layer to see who stacks the dice high. Due to the meticulous work, many spectators were as attentive as the examination, but they were defeated in front of robots. Whenever the robot skillfully and firmly folds 20 dice, bursts of applause will burst out on the scene

m-1ia than "Qiao"

is absolutely true and effective. Another FANUC robot is "faster" with the audience. Its "paw" quickly moves the 10 pieces of checkers from one side of the chessboard to the other side, which attracts the audience's amazement. According to FANUC's on-site staff, the display speed can be faster, and the running speed of the robot is deliberately reduced only to increase the interest of interaction with people

m-1ia is faster than "fast"

fist robot biomedical materials and implantable devices industry is a high-tech industrial area with the most interdisciplinary disciplines and knowledge intensive: the reason why it is called "fist robot" is not only because the robot is small and similar to a fist, but also because it has many related "fingers", and its flexibility is no less than that of human fist. After careful understanding, it is known that this fist robot with the scientific name of m-lia is the fastest industrial robot in the world, and it is also the first intelligent robot product launched by FANUC. It can not only realize the installation in various directions, but also is equipped with a multi axis wrist to adapt to complex assembly operations, which is very flexible. On the production line, it only needs simple isolation to realize the co production of machines and people, which creates a great opportunity to save production costs. So many "gimmicks" must be extraordinary. Sure enough, as soon as you walk into the circular area of the "fist robot", it seems that you have entered the "micro robot world". Six yellow FANUC robots go their own ways, are flexible, and interpret the automatic production of different industries:

the first m-lia robot is grabbing the memory module from the fixed memory location, and smoothly inserting the memory module into the motherboard through the coordinated action of six joints

memory module assembly

the second m-lia robot grabs a crayon from the crayon raceway and quickly puts the crayon into the box

crayon box

the third m-lia robot grabs a syringe needle from the support plate and quickly installs the needle on the needle barrel

needle assembly

the fourth m-lia robot grabs a piece of cosmetics from the feeding box and quickly puts the cosmetics into the box

cosmetics handling

the fifth m-lia robot sorts out the same color from a batch of chocolate beans of different colors and puts them into different bottles respectively. For fully automated display, FANUC staff skillfully used the fist robot m-1ia as the action host for chocolate sorting, and configured the sixth LR mate robot to assist in pouring the chocolate in the bottle into the plate

sorting chocolate beans of different colors

along the way, the application of FANUC fist robot in different production processes such as it, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, etc. makes the audience feel like a feast of intelligent robots

spraying robot area: This FANUC spraying robot tracks the shell on the track and carries out automatic spraying. It is understood that the body of this compact spraying robot is only 35 kg, but it can have a load of up to 5 kg, which is characterized by convenient operation, high experimental accuracy, stable task and stable stress. It is especially suitable for working in narrow areas, occupying limited space and obtaining a great working range. After a rough understanding, there are more professionals in painting here, and the questions they ask are very professional, but it's not difficult for FANUC's more professional technicians

spraying shell

welding robot area: it has long been said that FANUC's arc welding robot system is famous for its fast speed, high flexibility and mature technology in the industry. This time, we should explore it carefully. After the FANUC arc welding robot is equipped with a wire feeding mechanism, the arm can still turn freely without interfering with the body, and all the cables outside the welding wire conduit are hidden in the robot arm... These seemingly small details ensure the efficiency and high reliability in the production process, which is indeed professional

arc welding robot system

lathe loading and unloading area: here is the solution of FANUC robot's lathe loading and unloading. After 2D visual inspection, the robot grabs a workpiece from the conveyor belt machine, quickly removes the finished workpiece from the lathe chuck, loads the workpiece to be processed into the chuck, and then places the finished workpiece on the output belt machine for output

lathe loading and unloading system

the integration area of machining center and intelligent robot: here, you can find another core product of FANUC - small machining center. In fact, apart from the largest sales of robots in the world, FANUC is also second to none in the development of intelligent machines (small machining centers, injection molding machines, wire EDM machines) with CNC as the core. In this demonstration, they flexibly fused the two products. The robot grabbed a workpiece from the loading tray, quickly removed the finished workpiece from the machine tool fixture, loaded the workpiece to be processed into the fixture, and then placed the finished workpiece on the output belt conveyor for output

integration of machining center and intelligent robot

each region passed one by one, and experienced an extraordinary high-tech feeling. It was really a worthwhile trip. Being in the FANUC intelligent robot world, I have a lot of feelings. Yes, details determine success or failure, and specialty casts the future. At least, I know why FANUC is called "robot expert" in the industry

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