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[Abstract] military packaging not only has the general function of ordinary commodity packaging, but also has the special function of preventing enemy detection and discovery to avoid being hit. Stealth technology is the "trump card technology" that has made a major breakthrough in military technology since World War II. The use of stealth materials and the use of stealth technology for stealth packaging of military products is of special importance. Countries all over the world, especially the developed countries in the United States and Europe, have invested a lot of money in research and development, and have successively developed a series of stealth weapons and protective equipment, such as stealth aircraft, stealth ships, stealth missiles, stealth tanks and stealth combat clothing. The development of stealth packaging in the future should focus on developing a variety of stealth functions, expanding the scope of application and reducing the cost of stealth

[Key words] stealth technology stealth materials military packaging with the deepening of people's understanding and understanding of packaging, the research on packaging has been paid more and more attention and deepened, which has promoted the continuous development and maturity of packaging technology. The fields involved in packaging are expanding day by day, and the objects of packaging have expanded from general commodities to various materials and equipment including military products, Even people and other things are also the object of packaging. Modern packaging is all inclusive, and some new situations have emerged in the breadth and depth of application. The stealth packaging of military products is a new field worth exploring. Now, stealth packaging technology has begun to be applied to all major fields and aspects of military clothing, field food, drugs, oil, barracks, and ordnance equipment. Aircraft, missiles, ships, and tanks that have been processed by stealth packaging have become common. Even soldiers themselves are also carrying out stealth packaging - various stealth combat uniforms with constantly improved stealth performance have begun to be equipped with troops

first, stealth and stealth technology

stealth packaging technology began with the design of flying wing jet test aircraft by the German army in the Second World War and the first use of microwave absorbing materials on submarines. After more than half a century of research and development, it has finally become a reality from fantasy. The concrete pressure testing machine measures and judges the performance parameters of concrete according to the national standard gb/t50081 (2) 002 "standard for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete". The term "stealth" refers to that the "eyes" are not easy to see, recognize and track. Here, the "eyes" include radar, optical, electrical, acoustic detection equipment and other modern equipment. Stealth technology, also known as stealth technology or low detectability technology, includes the technology of reducing radar, infrared, visible light, sound and other signal characteristics of weapons and other targets. Corresponding to radar, infrared, electronic, visible light and acoustic detection systems in modern battlefield, stealth technology includes radar stealth, infrared stealth, electronic stealth, visible light stealth and acoustic stealth technology

Second, the significance of military stealth packaging

military stealth packaging technology has developed with the development of weapons and equipment. In modern war, various reconnaissance, aiming instruments and detection systems, such as radar, infrared night vision instrument and laser detector, are increasing, and their performance is becoming more and more perfect, which makes it more and more possible for ordinary non stealth weapons and equipment and soldiers to be found by the enemy, and the security is greatly reduced. In order to improve the survival ability of equipment and personnel on the battlefield, the most important thing is to reduce the probability of being detected, found and attacked, Stealth packaging technology came into being, and its application in military packaging has become an important part of the arms race in various countries, with more than 2000 enterprises on the industrial chain

to sum up, the purpose of stealth packaging is to "preserve ourselves" and "destroy the enemy". The so-called "self preservation" means that by using stealth packaging technology, electronic equipment can hide radar features, heating equipment can hide infrared features, and vibration equipment can hide noise features, so that it is difficult for enemy reconnaissance and detection systems to detect our weapons and equipment. Even ground targets such as personnel and weapon distribution centers, airports, ports, command centers, etc. also use stealth technology to camouflage or cover, so that our personnel The detectable characteristics of facility targets are reduced without being detected and attacked by the enemy. For example, when armed helicopters painted with camouflage colors such as grass green and khaki fly at ultra-low altitude over forests, grasslands and deserts, they are submerged in the background, which can deceive fighter planes or fighter planes flying over them. Just like animals with protective color, their color is similar to the surrounding environment and is not easy to be found by their natural enemies. According to statistics, the probability of helicopters painted with protective colors being found is only 15%. Da is a special embodiment of the protection function of general product packaging in military packaging. In addition to the functions of anti vibration, anti impact, moisture-proof, anti mildew, anti-corrosion, anti magnetism, anti radiation and other natural factors of general product packaging, the protection function of military packaging is more important to prevent the enemy from discovering and attacking. Stealth, as a particularly effective war weapon of anti military reconnaissance, can effectively reduce the reconnaissance effect of enemy reconnaissance equipment and the hit rate of weapon attack. Large commercial search engines usually provide such functions to avoid or reduce the loss of personnel and equipment

the so-called "destroy the enemy", that is, effectively attack and destroy the enemy in defense. In addition to improving the survivability, the stealth weapons and equipment processed by stealth packaging also have strong offensive ability, which is mainly reflected in improving the survivability and combat effectiveness of non stealth weapons and equipment. Because stealth enables the enemy to make wrong decisions and implement them, the enemy will be caught off guard when facing a catastrophic sudden attack, and stealth makes the enemy numb and careless, which has an immeasurable impact on our victory. French "Lafite" frigates, Israeli "Saar" light frigates, German f-125 multi-purpose frigates, Swedish "Visby" frigates, British "sea ghost" frigates and American dd21 destroyers, after being thrown into the sea battlefield, the radar scattering area, infrared characteristics, noise, magnetic field and visible light target characteristics of the attacking warships are much lower than those of ordinary warships, which can attack unprepared, Take the other party by surprise. This function is not available in ordinary product packaging, but only in military packaging

Third, stealth packaging materials

stealth packaging starts with the materials that constitute military packaging. At present, the stealth packaging materials that have been developed and used mainly include radar stealth materials, infrared stealth materials, electronic stealth materials, visible light stealth materials and acoustic stealth materials

1. Radar stealth materials

usually include radar wave absorbing materials and radar wave transmitting materials. Radar absorbing materials are widely used. According to different methods of use, they are divided into coating type and structural type. Coating type microwave absorbing materials are used for stealth packaging of military products by coating on the surface of military products. High performance magnetic energy absorbing materials and Schiff base salts are used. Structural stealth materials are mainly dielectric energy absorbing materials, which are used to manufacture fuselage, wings, missile shells, etc. when designed, stealth packaging materials and equipment are integrated. The latest generation of Russian stealth fighter S-37 "Golden Eagle" widely adopts advanced materials, and radar absorbing materials are painted outside the body, which has good stealth performance. The stealth frigate "sea soul for three days", which was exhibited by Britain at the European naval exhibition in Paris in September 1996, is known as the "real stealth ship". It considers almost all stealth characteristics in terms of stealth, including coating all key parts of the ship with absorbing and transmitting materials. The French "Lafite" class frigate is the first combat frigate in the world that fully integrates stealth performance in its design. In addition to adopting a unique streamlined stealth shape design, all external equipment on the ship are packed and concealed, and the ship is also widely coated with paint that can absorb radar. The "future combat system" to be launched by the United States in 2015, all stealth tanks, will also use a large number of composite materials and coatings with low reflected radar wave energy. According to a recent report in the people's Liberation Army Daily, the artillery unit of a coastal defense regiment of our army adopted a self-developed "light anti radar radar radar absorbing artillery suit" in a coastal defense confrontation exercise organized by a higher level, so that the artillery successfully evaded the enemy's reconnaissance and surveillance system during marching and standby. This material, which can effectively absorb and weaken radar energy, can be painted on cloth to make a gun coat, or directly on the gun body

2. There are two kinds of infrared stealth materials

. One is metal asbestos metal sandwich material, which is used as the lining of aircraft engine for heat insulation, so as to prevent the engine heat from being transferred to the fuselage and reduce the infrared characteristics of the aircraft; The other is infrared stealth coating, which adds thermal insulation and anti infrared components to suppress surface temperature and anti infrared radiation. The French "Lafite" class frigate adopts a special low radiation coating, and uses a thickened temperature jacket to pack the smoke window, so as to reduce smoke and cooling exhaust gas, and greatly improve the infrared stealth performance. In the confrontation exercise mentioned above, the "blue army" radar reconnaissance found that there were no fire points of the "Red Army" shore artillery in a landing area except for simple fishermen's houses and fishing boats scattered on the beach, so it issued a beach grab landing order. When the landing ships were less than 1000 meters from the shore, those temporary houses and fishing boats became powerful points, and the "blue army" ships were devastated. Originally, the "Red Army" used three reaming boards, foam boards and paints of different colors to form deformation molds of houses, fishing boats and other shapes. The coating used on its surface can effectively prevent the reconnaissance of optical equipment, while the plywood and foam have the function of heat insulation, which can better isolate the radiation of artillery to thermal energy and achieve the effect of anti infrared reconnaissance. Wrapping these moulds on the artillery can effectively prevent enemy reconnaissance and attack

3. Electronic stealth material

is a kind of material that can help reduce the outward radiation of electromagnetic energy. It includes optical cables that are used to replace the cables connecting various electronic equipment and special materials and coatings that shield the packaging of electronic equipment. The "mobile electronic security tent" newly built by the US Department of defense to improve the electronic monitoring and protection capability of mobile military bases adopts a kind of metal fiber, that is, polyester plain fabric with a metal coated substrate on the outer layer of the fiber, which can effectively shield the outward propagation of radio waves

4. Visible light stealth materials

mainly include camouflage paint and camouflage. At present, a coating being developed can change its brightness and chromaticity with the change of ambient brightness, which can ensure that the military products and the background are in a consistent state at any time, reduce the contrast characteristics and achieve the control of visual signals. The camouflage surface is braided with various camouflage ornaments. Using it to package military products can also achieve the purpose of good integration with the surrounding background

5. Acoustic stealth materials

include sound absorbing materials and barrier materials. The quietest submarine in the world, the American "sea wolf" class attack nuclear submarine, has adopted a variety of advanced silencing technologies, including laying a large number of sound-absorbing materials inside the shell and on the bulkhead, and carrying out special "packaging" for the equipment that emits noise - plus a sound proof cover and muffler, which greatly reduces the internal noise. In addition to the radar absorbing coating widely used on the body surface of F-117A stealth fighter, a variety of

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