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Explore the environmental protection technology of casing swabbing and oil recovery technology -- Introduction (1)

(author he Jianming, Liu Anzhou, Ding Shudong, xuchongjiang)

when the reservoir is exploited, with the continuous exploitation of oil, the energy and crude oil production of the formation will continue to decline in recent years, and the well will eventually be shut down. In this way, with the exploitation of the reservoir, many well closures will occur. For the following relevant information: to maximize the recovery of formation crude oil, generally use the swabbing technology to ask for oil from shut-down wells

however, due to the unsealed blowout preventer at the wellhead of the conventional swabbing method, crude oil often falls to the ground in the processes of bailing, changing the sucker, dismantling the wellhead and so on, causing serious ground pollution and many negative effects on the production enterprises, which are completely comparable to the spraying effect. In the past two years, we have improved the conventional swabbing process and developed a set of environmental friendly casing swabbing technology, which meets the requirements of clean production in the whole process of swabbing and bailing. These three new formulas were first introduced at the American NPE exhibition this spring

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