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paper is one of the important packaging materials in the packaging field. At present, it still has a good opportunity to improve its application range in consumer goods packaging. Before investing in these opportunities, we need to understand the basic market changes: consumers have become kings, and they rely more on their own judgments than traditional advertising information

these key conclusions are drawn from a series of surveys and interviews with consumers and store managers. Packaging technology integrated solutions (PTIS) and newproductworks (NPW) led the survey for the paper packaging Alliance (PPA), a joint organization of the paper packaging Commission and the American forest and Paper Association

consumers participating in the survey said that they like paper packaging and think it is a "comfortable" packaging material. It provides enough space for attractive publicity on the packaging, and its physical characteristics often help solve the problem of storage in the home. However, both consumers and retailers believe that paper packaging needs to be further improved in terms of color, shape, special effects, and paper selectivity, so as to arouse their feelings and express the cost performance of products in packaging. From the research in the past two years, we can also get five other important conclusions:

in the view of consumers, products and packaging are one thing

packaging can help create an overall product image

packaging is a product before the product is consumed and the packaging is thrown away and recycled

older consumers feel that the products in paper packaging are more familiar and trusted. If handled correctly, paper packaging, as a contemporary thing, can resonate with consumers

the goal of packaging research and development is to create a product solution that can win the market for paper, rather than just create a good packaging

Mike Richmond, President and CEO of PTIS, said that some people in the paper industry believed that there had been no change in paper packaging, and this study eliminated their feeling to some extent. "It is very clear that paper packaging plays a stronger role." He added

charlotte Addison is a member of the PPA planning Steering Committee and the market development manager of MeadWestvaco, He said that the results of the research sounded like a signal of immediate action: "what this research institute told us was that we have a strong value orientation. Historically, paper manufacturers have been isolated from the processing process, and we need more integration in the whole development process, one of which is to provide training."

the latest prediction from the Freedonia group supports the view that paper is a satisfactory packaging material. The Cleveland based market research company said that the demand for paper packaging (excluding cartons) in the United States will increase by 2.3% annually, reaching $8.4 billion by 2008. The company predicts that many paper packaging industries will continue to grow on the current basis, or continue to maintain a strong competitive position. Paper and film 9. Curve selection: stress-strain and force time curves can be selected according to user requirements for display and printing; Combined with metal foil, it will improve the performance and beauty of packaging, which will provide additional development opportunities

study the views of consumers

consumers provided the first level data of this ptis/npw study. The interviewed consumers put forward their unique views on the advantages of paper packaging and the areas that need to be improved. The following is a comprehensive summary of the views of survey participants on shelf influence and functions in stores and consumers' homes:

they believe that cardboard is a very effective packaging material because it represents some positive product characteristics, such as modern, relevant, interesting and first-class quality. Interestingly, consumers under the age of 20 also emphasize this point, although their judgments are very visual. Marilyn Raymond, managing director of newproductworks, reminded that consumers' feelings depend on the type of products

consumers will be willing to pay more for convenient packaging. For example, resealable covers and quantitative control functions are very popular

compared with adults, more young consumers regard packaging as an integral part of products. It is very important for girls to see the products through the packaging. "You can see two formulas through the window on the package, which is an additional benefit." A girl said in an investigation

effective use of colors, images and special effects can make paper packaging help consumers intuitively understand the differences between product characteristics

taking toothpaste as an example, two different methods are used on the same square carton to convey the different product advantages of aquafresh brand of health care department of GSK company. Package a is the package of original aquafresh brand. It does not have the graphic expressiveness like package B, but the respondent said its advantage is that it conveys the message of "fewer chemicals"

package B is the package of aquafresh whitening toothpaste, which conveys the information of "whiter teeth" through holograms, as well as the information of efficiency and product taste

consumers describe cardboard as a general packaging material and consider it a good carrier for powerful graphics and other visual expression means

consumers believe that function is a major advantage. They said that cardboard packaging can be neatly stacked on the shopping cart, which can better protect products. Usually, they also save space in food storage rooms and refrigerators. Consumers also mentioned another significant convenience advantage: cardboard packaging itself can be used as a storage container, so after the packaging is opened, there is no need to transfer the product to another storage container. This function also makes the paperboard packaging easy to carry. The paper packaging with exquisite appearance is not only conducive to stacking, but also can attract the attention of consumers in the mall

the surveyed consumers also put forward suggestions on the improvement of paper packaging:

when cardboard packaging can be stacked together, we need to pay more attention to the effective storage space, especially the space in the refrigerator. Some respondents took pizza boxes as an example to illustrate this point

"storage is so important to consumers that it may exceed other considerations." Raymond said

consumers want more windows on the carton, which can improve their satisfaction and strengthen their connection with a brand. One technique is to combine cardboard with other materials

"the paper packaging industry needs to consider factors such as hard windows and printing on plastic and applying plastic to paper packaging," said Nick George, general manager of the folding carton Department of rock Tenn company

George pointed out that in places like large stores, this method can enhance the value of products. The storage environment in the store is ineffective. The stack is the preferred promotion method. Window packaging and high-quality printing help to attract more attention to the products and packaging on the stack, so that they can be promoted from the four sides of the stack

when it comes to frozen food packaging, the surveyed consumers feel a little confused about the cost performance of cartons and plastic bags. For example, in cereal food, respondents expressed doubts that plastic film is more economical than paper packaging. However, they prefer cartons because they are familiar to consumers, easy to store, and can be dumped and resealed

another related thing is that when some consumers choose goods, they will consider whether the packaging of these goods can be recycled. Through the recycling symbols on many plastic packages, they know how to recycle these packages. But they said that the recycling of paper packaging (especially waxed or laminated cartons) made them confused. If it is inconvenient or confusing, many consumers will not use it anymore

opportunities in retail channels

level 2 protection of PTI film tensile testing machine is based on the treatment of maintenance workers. Master s organized another part of this study, that is, interviews with retail store managers. Here are the potential opportunities that these managers see in paper packaging in stores: coated cartons can bring shelf appeal to compete with the gloss of plastic film. Store managers like such cartons for biscuits, frozen meat and dry food. Retailers like cartons for ice cream because they are easy to display and keep tidy. However, the managers also mentioned the problem that the glue of the carton would come off because of insufficient glue or too low temperature

for those display pallets used to hold canned or bagged goods, store managers prefer those with white, colored or beautifully printed, rather than brown corrugated pallets. Because they think the latter will reduce the aesthetics of the packaging. The carton should provide more security while maintaining the function of the product. Retailers report that the theft rate of small commodities is as high as 3%. Shell packaging can help reduce the theft rate to 0.15%, but consumers find it more difficult to open this kind of packaging after purchasing this shell packaging product

for electronic products, cartons are usually not enough to convey sufficient product information. For expensive products (such as high-quality speakers), the product description is often incomplete, and the packaging box is not attractive enough. The packaging design of electronic products should take into account the environment in the store, that is, for a single retailer, but also for wholesalers

in dairy boxes, cartons have great potential. The explanation of a store manager represents the opinion of most people: "what can you do to put more pallets or multi packaged products into the dairy box? Cartons can help achieve this and improve profits."

most retailers still believe that the packaging of retailers' own brand products generally lacks attractive graphics. Store managers believe that many retailers' private brands do not make full use of the publicity ability of paper packaging. They hope to increase the luster of more competitive designs and new materials developed by Russian scientists in the process of repairing mouse skulls

"retailers are always interested in how to do better, so the support opportunities we can provide include showing them the efficiency of packaging, how to improve the speed of entering the market, ways to save costs, making products more attractive and helping them improve their own brand image." Eddie Smith, vice president of Sonoco's customer and Commerce Department, said

the two toothpaste boxes adopt different colors and special effects to show the different characteristics of the two sub brands of toothpaste. Store managers say they hope paper packaging can bring more things, P & G

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