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Shanghai Peixin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Peixin company) is mainly engaged in labeling equipment and shrink labels. Based on the correct analysis of the mainland beverage market, it has achieved great success. At present, 80% of the products in the mainland beverage market are completed by the equipment of Shanghai Peixin company. It is amazing to make such achievements in the fierce industry competition. Shanghai Peixin's high-level technology in labeling equipment and shrinking labels has changed the tradition of facing two suppliers, solved the problems of users in technology and supplier management, and won the favor of users. What are the "secret weapons" of Shanghai Peixin company that have made the enterprise achieve remarkable performance in the industry? Let's take you to the "arsenal" of Shanghai Peixin company to explore

secret weapon 1: dsl-800a labeling machine

current level: Satellite level

secret index: ★★★★★

control system: ab system

labeling speed: 800 bottles/minute

label standard: 180mm

evaluation: break through the 40000 bottle/hour beer can supporting minefield that the shrink sleeve labeling industry dare not exceed, and destroy the backbone barrier of paper labeling dominating the Jianghu

attention index: ★★★★★

secret weapon II: PLA environmental protection label

current level: Satellite level

secret index: ★★★★

label characteristics: different from PVC, pet and other film materials, it is extracted from corn, discarded and decomposed into organic fertilizer and water, burned into carbon dioxide and water, which does not pollute the land and atmosphere

cost performance: it is more beautiful and cheaper than pet, OPS and other shrink labels

value: the first advocacy can significantly improve the social value of products and companies

evaluation: you are the leader of environmental protection envoys, and the social value of your products and companies will increase to the nth power

attention index: therefore ★★★★

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