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The advantages of gravure printing press in reducing pollution and expenditure

China's economy is in the stage of rapid development, and the contradiction between economic growth and environmental pollution and cost expansion is becoming increasingly fierce, but this contradiction is not irreconcilable. In the highly polluting printing industry, green printing is popular. In the process of continuous improvement of many printing equipment, how to make gravure printing machine have great advantages in cost saving and pollution reduction? Gravure printing is of great significance in China, where wood resources are scarce.

gravure printing is generally used for high-speed printing of high-quality multi-color long edition moving parts. It uses version rollers called intaglio. These version rollers are generally iron, copper plated and a photosensitive layer. After the small groove representing the image area on the plate is made, it needs to be chrome plated

the plate roller of gravure printing machine is usually in direct contact with the image substrate material, so before the plate roller comes out of the ink tank and contacts the substrate material, a scraper must scrape the ink on the surface of the roller, and then transfer the ink in the concave hole to the substrate through the pressure of the embossing roller and the capillary effect of the substrate material. Gravure printing machines are mostly roller type printing machines, which use the drum for continuous printing

gravure inks are generally solvent based. At present, there is a trend to use water-based ink, but there are generally two errors in the pointer reading of solvent ink. 1. Pointer error. 2. Human error. The process speed will be much faster than that of water-based ink, because the volatilization of solvent is conducive to the drying of ink. Generally, the printing color used in gravure printing process is 810 colors higher than that used in gravure printing. The printing process generally includes printing materials, plate rollers, embossing rollers, ink system, ink viscosity control, solvent recovery system, drying furnace; Online cutting and stripping device, quality control system, get the final product

the printing material should make the jaw symmetrically clamp the sample as required, which will affect the printing process: for example, how the ink is transferred to the surface of the substrate, how the ink is in the surface state of the substrate, how the ink is dry or absorbed by the surface, how the printer operator controls the registration, etc. Common substrates include coated, uncoated paper, cardboard, food packaging paper, emerald foil and metal paper. The less commonly used ones are cellophane, polyurethane and fabrics. Gravure proofing is generally carried out online, sometimes with proofing machines

intaglio plates are made by engraving or etching. After chromium plating, the hardness of the plates will be increased to improve India resistance. The engraving or etching depth and shape of the version used by solvent based ink will be different from that of water-based ink version. Generally, when water-based ink is engraved on the plate, the circumference of the plate roller is determined by the printing machine and the size of the printed text

according to different printing machines, there are two kinds of plate rollers: aluminum copper plating and iron copper plating. When preparing the plate, the roller is heated in hot water, and then put into the chloric acid solution to peel off the chromium layer and rust layer. Then rinse clean, iron roll nickel plating to stabilize the copper coating, aluminum roll zinc plating to achieve the same day. Before copper plating, the aluminum roller must be treated with cyanide. After engraving, the process is chrome plating, and will continue to vigorously support the preparation of proofing

there are several ways to solve the pollution problem caused by gravure printing. Each method should be considered in terms of cost and resource consumption. Printers should establish cooperative relations with their main source material suppliers, so that suppliers can provide the required technical support in time, ensure the quality of high-quality products, and reduce pollution and waste as much as possible. Use shallower ink tank and improved scraper technology to reduce the amount of ink. Steam recovery system is the biggest method to reduce solvent pollution

in many devices, improved methods can reduce pollution. Printer manufacturers use new technology for their machines and install several process improvement control accessories on their equipment. Using vegetable oil instead of gasoline as solvent and using water-based ink will reduce environmental pollution, and using less polluting solvent materials to replace the current solvent is also a good method

these methods introduced above will not affect the working efficiency of the printing machine, but also save costs and reduce pollution. In the printing industry, which focuses on green and environmental protection, it is bound to be the general trend

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