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Explore the business model innovation of energy industry - Advantech [cloud] + [End] Energy Industry Summit Forum came to a successful conclusion

on September 17, 2014, Advantech Advantech cloud + end Energy Industry Summit Forum was successfully held in Kunshan Advantech collaborative innovation research and Development Center (a+tc) from September 12 to 13. This meeting also invited experts such as Li Qionghui, director of the New Energy Research Institute of the National Electric Energy Research Institute, Zhao Jingyu of the IOT Business Department of Microsoft (China) and Xiao Qing, deputy general manager of China Mobile IOT Co., Ltd. to not only analyze the latest policies of new energy from multiple perspectives, but also explore the future business cooperation mode of IOT application alliance with Advantech monitoring software WebAccess as the core

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in the 1990s, the popularization and application of computer interconnection in the business world stimulated business model innovation, and interconnection made a large number of new business practices possible, such as Yahoo, Amazon and eBay. According to the spin off plan, they achieved great development and produced a strong demonstration effect in just a few years. Nowadays, the rapid development of united technology is promoting profound changes in the traditional industrial field. With the increasing commercialization of traditional markets such as energy, it is far from reassuring that we can adapt to today's business environment only by relying on technology and products. In this context, Advantech has established a wa+ IOT industrial application alliance with monitoring software WebAccess as its core competitiveness to work together with partners to deepen the energy market

Advantech will build a system software platform with WebAccess as the core, vertical market application-oriented, cloud service value-added, and become a common cooperation mechanism of the alliance. In terms of brand marketing, Advantech will combine Vertical Market Project Integrators and system component partners to develop industry solution packaging, and jointly promote to the Chinese market through the development of wa+ alliance marketing platform. In addition, Advantech will also provide value-added services such as technical training and certification for wa+ alliance partners

outlook of Advantech wa+ IOT application alliance

Advantech has been deeply engaged in the new energy and oil and gas industry for a long time. Stable and reliable hardware products are provided in the three-tier architecture of IOT, and all levels are centrally monitored through the core value-added software WebAccess. Advantech expects to conduct in-depth cooperation with wa+ alliance partners in technology, marketing, talent training and other aspects, and work together to develop the energy market

Advantech cloud + end Energy Industry Summit Forum wa+ IOT application alliance partners signed a contract

at this meeting, China mobile, Chint since China, Xinjiang Jinniu in 2007, we began to study physical metallurgy, Beijing Guodian Zhishen, Beijing BOE, Dasheng wechat, Suzhou Meiming software Jiangsu RuiChuang Yongli and other well-known enterprises in the energy field have successfully signed up to join the wa+ IOT industrial application alliance. Among them, China Mobile will provide telecommunication services for wa+ alliance partners and build a perfect IOT application scheme. Adding the industrial SIM card of China Mobile to Advantech telecommunication module will make the data transmission more secure and reliable, provide more appropriate services and technical solutions for wa+ alliance partners, and accelerate the landing of smart cities in China. Xiao Qing, deputy general manager of China Mobile IOT solution center, said: with the help of wa+ industrial application alliance, let China Mobile IOT communication solutions go deeper into vertical industries such as energy, agriculture, water conservancy, oil and gas, manufacturing, and realize the deep cultivation from IOT products to vertical industries

Advantech looks forward to in-depth cooperation with more energy industry partners in the future to jointly prosper China's energy market

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