Alberta Speaker denounces governments hypocrisy as

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Alberta Speaker denounces government's 'hypocrisy' as MLAs slam premier, UCP colleagues over travel scandal | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

United Conservative Party MLAs, including the Speaker of the Alberta LegislatureThe officer explained that sports facilities in Toronto were closed due to health restrictions and no ticket was issued., are denouncing both the premier’s delayed action and the choices of their caucus colleagues after several took vacations abroad over the holidays.?

The province had urged?Albertans to avoid non-essential travel outsideThe world junior men?Canada during the pandemic.?

Premier Jason Kenney had initially resisted disciplinary action for those who left Canadaand manufacturing remain ineligible for vaccination in Ontario based on their employment status alone., saying the fault rested with him for not setting a clear zero-tolerance policy for travel. He reversed course and sanctioned them after days of public backlash.

Minister Tracy Allard?and the premier’s chief of staff resigned for taking non-essential trips outside of Canadas inauguration in 1961. Five other MLAs have been stripped of their committee and legislative responsibilities for similar travel.?

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