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Yama Wang flooring giant Hewlett Packard fell by 30%, with a minimum of 3% discount. Just when the domestic price index CPI remained high and the price of wood raw materials increased by 10%, on September 28, 2011, Amazon (Guangzhou) Wood Co., Ltd.'s "National Day giant 3 discount" promotional activities kicked off, and a marketing event known as the most awesome of 2011 in front of bad news all stimulated the attention of consumers. Is it a gimmick? Or is it a real benefit sharing? Let's decode the National Day marketing of Yama king wood flooring one by one through the content of this national day marketing activity. Good luck in the store, free gifts. Activity content: anyone who enters the store from September 28, 2011 to October 10, 2011, whether shopping or not, just fill in the shopping registration form to get a copy of Yama Wang exquisite home accessories, first come, first served, and only after delivery. Activity theme: Double deposit, double gift activity content: if you pay a deposit in advance from September 28, 2011 to October 10, 2011, you can enjoy the discount of double deposit and double gift. Pay 200 yuan to 400 yuan in advance (the purchase is limited to more than 20 square meters and less than 50 square meters); Send a floor mat. Pay 300 yuan to 600 yuan in advance (the purchase is limited to more than 50 square meters and less than 80 square meters); Send an electronic scale. Pay 500 yuan to 1000 yuan in advance (purchase more than 80 square meters); Send a luxurious household mop. (customers who pay the deposit can also receive 2.5 liters of edible oil or 5kg bagged rice) activity theme: Gambling wins the grand prize, and the discount is up to you. Activity content: 100% affordable, 100% winning. During the period from September 28, 2011 to October 10, 2011, customers who pay the deposit in advance (limited to reinforced wood flooring) can participate in a gambling activity to win a minimum 30% discount grand prize. The payment for goods shall be settled according to the discount drawn by the customer. The first prize: 30% off (limited to 1 person), the second prize: 50% off (limited to 5 persons), the third prize: 60% off (limited to 10 persons), the fourth prize: 6.60% off (limited to 24 persons), the fifth prize: 70% off (limited to 40 persons), the sixth prize: 7.2 (limited to 120 persons) operating rules: 1. Customers who purchase laminate flooring and have paid a deposit can participate in the lottery with the deposit form. 2. Each deposit form can only be drawn once, and no repeated lottery is allowed. 3. After winning the prize, the customer must pay the full amount on the same day. The clerk will settle the payment according to the discount award that the customer has won. 4. Amazon (Guangzhou) Wood Industry Co., Ltd. reserves the final right to interpret this activity. Activity 3: special spike, only for 3 days, a412 straight down 80 yuan, now only 118 yuan/square meter, f252 straight down 80 yuan, now only 118 yuan/square meter, r865 straight down 70 yuan, now only 108 yuan/square meter, m845 straight down 70 yuan, now only 98 yuan/square meter, c831 straight down 70 yuan, now only 98 yuan/square meter, g508 straight down 70 yuan, now only 88 yuan/square meter, n857 straight down 60 yuan, Now it is only sold for 88 yuan/square meter. Operating rules: this activity is not involved in gifts at the same time as other preferential activities. We can see that Yama king gives gifts: customers can receive triple gifts as long as they enter Yama King's exclusive store for consumption, such as home accessories, grain and oil, household supplies and other gifts. In terms of discounts, Yama king is not stingy with heavy costs, and has launched the banner of "discount is up to you". The laminate floor is more than 30% inclusive at one rate, and the maximum profit margin is 30%. In order to better give back to consumers, this Yama King National Day Juhui launched the activity of "special price spike, limited to three days". Some popular floors in the market (including installation fees) fell by 60-80 yuan at one go, with an average yield of 45%. In order to explore the promotion effect, the author visited the flagship store of Yama king in Huadu. According to the shopping guide, 1800 square meters were sold on the day of the event on September 28 alone, and a deposit order of 880 square meters was received in advance. It can be seen that the National Day Promotion of Yama king has a very good response among consumers. What will Yama Wang's National Day promotion do in Shenzhen market? The author will make further follow-up visits during the National Day...

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