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Shangpin Bense wooden door has reached a strategic alliance cooperation agreement with Shenyang Hongxing Kailong, which will give Shangpin Bense exclusive stores huge preferential policies, and is responsible for selecting the best business shop for dealers in the Hongxing Macalline store, which solves dealers' concerns in terms of hardware

the top ten brands of wood doors, Shangpin natural color wood doors, have reached strategic alliance cooperation with China's largest home shopping mall, red star Kailong banner. Now the investment attraction to Shenyang market is in full swing. According to the relevant person in charge of Shangpin true color investment promotion department, the company selected the best position in Shenyang Red Star Macalline. At present, there are many interested dealers applying, and they have entered the selection stage immediately. If there are interested dealers who want to join, please register first. This investment promotion activity in Shenyang also inherits the preferential policies of Beijing exhibition investment promotion, and has selected the best position of Red Star Macalline for strong support, You must join as soon as possible

Shangpin natural color wooden door Shenyang store, the best red star location is waiting for you to settle in

enter red star, choose the best location

Red Star Macalline, as one of the largest home shopping malls in China, is a shopping mall that many home brands want to settle in. Settling in red star has become a sign to highlight the brand. Shangpin Bense wooden door has reached a strategic alliance cooperation agreement with red star Kailong. It will give super preferential policies to Shangpin Bense exclusive stores settled in red star. At the same time, it is responsible for selecting the best business store for dealers in red star Macalline store, which solves dealers' concerns from the hardware

the sharing of terminal customers completely solves the concerns of receiving orders.

the core competitiveness of Shangpin natural color wooden door is reflected in the sales force of the terminal. Whether the brand is good or not depends on the sales volume. When dealers join a wooden door brand, they are most worried about the problem of receiving orders in the store. How to maintain a good order receiving rate and achieve profitability. This is the most concerned problem of dealers. Shangpin is known as the dark horse of the wooden door industry. In 2013, it achieved the myth that every time you go to a city, it will become No1. Daily signing 320 has achieved unprecedented success. As one of the top ten brands of wood door, Shangpin natural color wood door knows the key to the problem. Whether it is the alliance activities with other building materials brands, or the promotion of Shangpin natural color single brand, it makes full use of its super strong execution team's terminal order receiving ability, and through marketing training, the sharing of customer resources, the introduction of accurate customers, large amount of decoration subsidies Store marketing assistance and other measures to solve the problems of the franchisees of Shangpin Bense wooden door after receiving orders

top ten brands of wooden doors - Shangpin natural color wooden doors - leader of artistic wooden doors - fanuo 48

the strength of the top ten brands of real wooden doors Shangpin natural color wooden doors ensures that

with the development of the household industry today, consumers' brand awareness is becoming stronger and stronger. When consumers buy wooden doors, they not only buy the quality of a product, but also choose a brand and taste. Shangpin natural color wooden door, with nearly 12 years of focus on wooden door manufacturing and a hundred years of experience in wooden door manufacturing, is one of the top ten domestic wooden door brands. Shangpin natural color wooden door always adheres to the corporate mission of "quality life builder", its innovative design and excellent quality have won the recognition of customers around the world, and has become the designated wooden door supplier for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia. Shangpin natural color wooden door has won many gold awards in design and quality, and is deeply recognized and loved by designers and high-end customers. Shangpin natural color wood door products are deeply sought after and praised by many countries in the world, such as North America, Europe, Africa, etc., and have become their preferred brand for home decoration. The strength of Chinese wooden doors is guaranteed, and the national culture has been inherited for thousands of years, which is worth owning by Chinese consumers

Shangpin natural color art wooden door leader

Shangpin natural color, with scientific and systematic brand planning, unique brand personality, profound and wise brand culture, and high-quality products that strive for perfection, is committed to spreading elegant life experience, romantic life style and unique aesthetic concepts, perfectly combining art and human settlement, and striving to convey to consumers comfortable and elegant home art style and taste

was founded in 2002. At the beginning of its establishment, it was determined to be "the most professional wooden door supplier in China". All along, adhering to the core values of perfection, excellence, diligence and innovation, the company pursues perfection and pays attention to details, advocates scientific, systematic, rigorous and standardized management concepts, and is committed to meeting the needs of consumers for high-end wooden doors. From material selection to production, all employees treat every link in the production process carefully and severely. Advanced CNC wood products manufacturing equipment and strict JIT production management ensure the quality of every wooden door, and strive to fulfill the enterprise mission of "quality life builder"

Xindi home furnishing is a large modern enterprise engaged in the manufacturing and processing of wooden doors, integrating the production, sales, decorative design and construction of paint free relief doors and solid wood craft suit doors. The company covers an area of more than 150 mu, with 110000 square meters of modern standard workshops and more than 1200 on-the-job employees. The company has a large scale, leading technology, modern production equipment, strong scientific and technological force, perfect supporting facilities and first-class service concept




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