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Insulating glass is a wise choice for sunshine room editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows is exposed to the sun and rain, and insulating glass is usually used in sunshine room. Why

insulating glass has several advantages to alleviate the bad effects of sun and rain. Because the high-performance hollow Low-E glass and vacuum glass greatly reduce the transmission of internal and external heat, and effectively prevent the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight. The sunshine room is generally of full glass structure, so we generally choose hollow glass. The outer glass is generally 8mm laminated safety glass (bulletproof glass), the inner layer is 5mm coated tempered glass, and the hollow part is 20mm aluminum spacer with moisture-proof molecules

insulating glass can reduce the heat of sunshine room in summer, and refuse to turn sunshine room into "sauna room". In the face of wet weather, it can also shut out the outdoor humid air

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