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In response to the national policy of "the Belt and Road", after investigating the actual use of wall coverings in foreign families, oshilai found that in most regions, there is still a blank understanding and market for wall coverings

2018 is a year for osley wallcovering to advance bravely

this year, we invited a famous design company to redesign the company logo, signed an international superstar Huang Shengyi as the image spokesperson, enabled the cloud design system, and created a new official website, cloud contract system, and wechat Mall...

every change and reform, closely follow the trend of the times, keep themselves in progress, seize the opportunities of the Internet age, follow the trend, and seek stable and rapid development

while focusing on the domestic market, osley is also seeking breakthroughs

Economic globalization has provided us with opportunities and brought unprecedented benefits. China's economy has grown steadily and rapidly for this reason. It has both advantages and disadvantages, but on the basis of an increasingly powerful country, economic globalization has brought us more advantages than disadvantages

in recent years, the country has promoted the "the Belt and Road" policy, which fully relies on the existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms between the country and relevant countries, relies on the existing and effective evidence of regional cooperation, borrows the historical symbols of the ancient Silk Road, actively develops economic cooperation partnerships with countries along the route, and jointly builds a community of interests, a community of destiny and a community of responsibility with political mutual trust, economic integration and cultural inclusion

in response to the national "the Belt and Road" policy, the company inspected the actual use of wall coverings in foreign families and found that in most regions, there is still a gap in the understanding and market of wall coverings

through the meeting, the company decided to explore the international market, hoping to make great efforts to advance bravely in this battle of opportunities and challenges. In 2018, oshilai wallcovering was officially launched on Alibaba's international platform, and authorized a third-party team to start the development of the global market

many people know that the exported products represent not only the quality of the company, but also a signboard, and the import quality inspection requirements and safety standards of most countries are higher than those of China. For example, for plates, E1 is required to be qualified in China, while for many foreign quality inspection requirements, E0 level is required to be qualified

oshilai wall cloth is made of high-quality materials carefully selected and woven with plant fibers. It is cast in 21 processes and has excellent quality. It does not contain any toxic substances such as formaldehyde. It is certified by PICC and fully complies with foreign safety standards

at present, oshilai wallcovering has been launched on Alibaba international platform, with the goal of being exported to 100 countries

now, international friends have received and started to use osley wallcovering, and expressed their love for it

although foreign countries have relatively little knowledge of wall coverings, it does not affect their love after receiving wall coverings. Most of the foreign wall fabric market is still in the cultivation stage, but the development potential is huge. The company hopes to influence more people around through the people who have bought, attract them, and explore the international market

in the era of economic globalization, osley wallcovering believes that quality, brand, service, design... Are the keys to international trade

of course, while developing internationally, the domestic market is still the foundation and focus of oshilai's development. Keeping up with the trend of the times, adhering to the spirit of craftsman, no matter which market it is, it will treat it with the same mentality and try its best to provide better wall coverings for both markets

I believe that in the future, no matter how many difficulties, they can't stop oslai from moving forward

oshilai wall cloth

year end feast, thousands of stores celebrate

activities are in progress

oshilai seamless wall fabric is green and environmentally friendly. The process is produced with world-class equipment. With years of experienced textile technology and patterns independently developed and designed, the product is unique and the quality is assured and reliable

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