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Printing orders decrease large factories have closed down one after another. Guqingji, the boss of the printing company, said that this year's business has dropped by 30%, especially the calendar or monthly calendar orders are very few. He said that only the economic horse running calendar is the most popular. At present, most of its stores print advertising posters and promotional cards. "Not only calendars and monthly calendars, the demand for other products such as business cards, posters, invitations, cards, etc. is reduced by 50%."

mainly printing business cards

● yejinxiang, another printer, said that the business has fallen by more than 20% in the last two or three months. His company has not received any calendar orders so far. At present, it mainly prints business cards

"many of the company's printing machines are not operated, and the employees are very laid back. However, as the current is only squeezed out to reduce 5%~10% in small businesses, it is not planned to lay off staff."

he said that there are 70 to 80 small and medium-sized printing plants in Sarat Sau garden. Since the machine price and other costs are smaller than those of large printing plants, it can still be maintained

"many large printing plants distributed in Jiadong, pessarro town and other places have closed down one after another because they can't afford huge expenses when their business is poor."

calendar cards are popular

● dengchongzheng said that up to now, his printing plant has only received 4-5 orders for calendar cards and 2 orders for desktop monthly calendars. The calendar and monthly calendar orders have decreased by 30% compared with last year to produce resonance, so that the alternating load on the sample is more than 40% of the incentive force exerted on the electromagnet

"since the cost of each calendar card is only 5 to 6 cents, many banks and private companies are popular to print calendar cards. Each order is about 500 to 2000."

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