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The price of printing paper in Asia continued to decline

the transaction price of printing paper used in publications and other publications in Asia fell. Compared with the beginning of July, the price of coated paper used in advertising leaflets fell by about 6%. The price of double offset paper used in books is also about 3% cheaper. However, the cost is still the most critical factor in the selection of materials. Due to the sluggish sales in their respective countries and the increase in inventory, the paper enterprises in South Korea and China have reduced their sales prices

at present, the trading price of coated paper in Hong Kong market is 780 ~ 850 US dollars per ton. It is 5.7% (US $50) cheaper than that in the first ten days of July, and 6.3% (US $55) lower than the recent highest price in May (US $870 per ton). The price of the double tape used in the data is 850-870 US dollars per ton, which is 2.8% (US $25) cheaper than that in early July and 4.4% (US $40) lower than the recent highest price in late May

in South Korea and China, paper companies raised their selling prices before May on the grounds of rising pulp prices. However, the demand for printing paper in their respective countries is low. The agent of a large paper-making enterprise or an enterprise with extensive research and development, that is, an enterprise aiming to meet the low demand of customers, said that at present, the printing paper in China is in a state of circulation and excess inventory

although the paper-making enterprises in South Korea and China have increased their export efforts, the export growth in the Middle East is sluggish due to the impact of the summer holidays in Islamic countries. Although they also export to Japan, more and more Japanese enterprises have begun to reduce paper consumption by reducing the size of advertising leaflets and other measures

on the other hand, China and other paper-making enterprises expanded their supply capacity in Asia by introducing large paper-making equipment and other measures at the end of last year. In order to maintain a high operating rate, Korean and Chinese paper enterprises hope to increase supply through price reduction. In addition, the decline of pulp price is also one of the factors that lead to the decline of printing paper price

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