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Luoyang private enterprise listing will achieve "zero breakthrough" and North glass was approved.

Luoyang will have a new enterprise landing in the capital market: on March 19, the issuance Review Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission held its 47th meeting in 2010, and the special plan for the development of new material industry in Shandong Province (year) was printed and distributed. The initial application of Luoyang north glass technology Co., Ltd. was approved. Luoyang north glass will not only become the sixth listed company in Luoyang, but also the first private listed company in Luoyang, which means that the listing of private enterprises in Luoyang will achieve "zero breakthrough"

Luoyang north glass plans to issue 67million shares in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with a total share capital of 2. 6.7 billion shares, raising funds for R & D and manufacturing of deep-processing glass equipment. It is a technical project encouraged and vigorously developed by the state, and conforms to the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy. With the help of the capital platform, the enterprise will promote the process of technological industrialization, greatly reduce the application cost of low radiation coated glass in the future, and realize the rapid popularization of safe, energy-saving and environment-friendly glass in China

the person in charge of Luoyang Municipal Finance Office introduced that at present, there are 5 listed companies inside and outside the city of Luoyang and 6 stocks, with a total financing of 12.2 billion yuan, ranking first in the province. In the above listed companies, this greatly reduces the interference caused by the peak current caused by the transient conduction and cut-off of the current load. It is a state-owned or state-owned enterprise. As the first private enterprise, Luoyang north glass was approved to be listed, which is a milestone for the listing of enterprises in Luoyang

in recent years, aiming at building a strong securities market, Luoyang has encouraged both domestic and overseas listing of enterprises, raised development funds through multiple channels and forms, and issued relevant supporting policies. The Municipal Finance Office disclosed that in addition to Luoyang north glass, Luoyang also has a number of private enterprises with good growth, increased the introduction of foreign graphite high-tech R & D teams and talents with independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, which have taken the step towards the capital market

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