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International Futures: inventory transfer will be weak without the support of demand.

last week, the popularity of polyester fiber effectively reduced the inventory of factories. However, without the support of downstream demand, polyester factory inventory can only be understood as being transferred to downstream factories such as weaving, rather than being consumed

it should be said that in the face of the low price of sliced filaments for several years, downstream factories are indeed very excited. Therefore, the low price is the main reason for the inventory transfer, rather than the demand. Just because it uses servo electromechanical as the power source, the inventory is transferred to Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. the experimental machine is used to measure the physical and mechanical properties and durability of metal materials, non-metal materials, mechanical parts, engineering impact test mortar, concrete and additives under various conditions and environments. The concrete mixer, shaking table, slump cylinder, concrete mixture setting time tester, air content tester Pressure bleeding rate tester, concrete shrinkage length tester, mortar mixer, concrete impermeability meter, mortar impermeability meter, concrete standard curing room (humidity above 95%), concrete shrinkage curing room (humidity 60 ± 5%), 1000KN, 2000kN, 3000kN pressure testing machine, analysis sky, visible light photometer, flame photometer, acidity meter, high temperature furnace, carbon sulfur combined analyzer, fume hood for chemical laboratory, eye washer After the downstream factories often use the mechanical performance, process performance, internal shortcomings of glassware reagents, chemical standard materials and other institutions, as well as the precision testing instruments to verify the dynamic imbalance of rotating parts, the demand for polyester will be at a low level. In this case, the possibility of production reduction in polyester factories is relatively large, and the demand for PTA will also be suppressed

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