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International enterprises "plot" China's primary medical device Market

"next year, GE Medical Group China product R & D center will add 20 more R & D personnel on the basis of the original 100 R & D personnel. Their job responsibility is to develop products suitable for China's primary medical market." Omar, vice president of GE Medical and President of clinical systems, recently announced to the outside world

at the same time, the global presidents of almost all GE Healthcare divisions gathered in Suzhou and participated in the global launch ceremony of the company's new product. The target market of this new product is rural and community health service institutions. As a large medical equipment supplier, GE Healthcare became the most eye-catching grassroots medical pioneer at the 60th medical Expo, but obviously, it is not the only enterprise that pays attention to this market. Siemens and Canon also expressed their high attention to the grassroots market at the conference

grassroots market grassroots configuration

at the medical Expo site, the new products of General Electric adopt the "sunshine policy" to clearly mark the price. After watching, the doctor representatives said that the price is relatively affordable, but the specific configuration still depends. Omar also introduced GE Healthcare's design concept of cleaning the internal oil pipe with clean kerosene for grassroots products: "low price does not mean low quality. Ge combines the existing high-end technology with large-scale production to reduce costs. At the same time, it takes the clinical needs of China's grassroots market as the basic starting point in function selection and product design."

Ms. Li Lin, a product distribution manager of Siemens Medical Systems Group, told the meeting that her current series of products for low precision had been used in the rural market, and these products had also become the protagonist of the Siemens booth at the medical Expo. Compared with the previous large-scale medical equipment providers rushing to release high-quality, sophisticated, sophisticated and expensive products, this Expo is more people-friendly, focusing on products suitable for more small and medium-sized medical institutions

Li Lin analyzed and pointed out that the demand for testing equipment in grass-roots hospitals mainly lies in the ability to accurately detect diseases and basic disease typing, while tertiary hospitals also need to do some academic research and clinical trials. Therefore, reducing functional modules is the fundamental reason for good quality and low price. Xianfeng, a person from Canon China Medical equipment products department, told them that the small-size products they showed were more suitable for primary medical treatment and convenient to move and carry. In terms of design, they tried to achieve "one board can be used for both purposes", saving procurement costs

devour the territory of local enterprises

while the main products have changed, multinational companies have also taken new measures in marketing mode, and many businesses have posted advertisements to recruit dealers on their own booths. Ge medical staff said that GE will open "channel B" to sell grassroots medical devices. "The original product line sold by the original dealers will not change, and the new dealers will not delimit the area in advance, but allow dealers to compete with each other, and those who have the ability will be able to obtain more markets."

practice has proved that the most difficult thing to develop in the grass-roots market is the channel. At the previous investment forum, participants said that multinational enterprises have great interest in channel providers and show willingness to acquire or cooperate. On the other hand, as the primary medical market requires channel suppliers not only to "sell", but also to "repair", after-sales service is crucial. At present, many products can be realized. 4. During the experiment, the number of operation cycles can be set freely, requiring network synchronization and guiding maintenance, but if there are hardware problems, relevant personnel need to be in place in time. "It is very important to increase exchanges and training with grass-roots medical and health workers." Chen Yugang, China president of clinical systems department of general electric medical group, concluded

in addition, whether to obtain government procurement and quickly spread the market of products is also the focus of competition among medical equipment enterprises. Many enterprises are actively engaged in the experiment of grass-roots health construction, seeking the medical allocation and service practice suitable for the grass-roots level. For example, Siemens invested 10million yuan to set up a rural medical demonstration area in Luochuan, Shaanxi Province, and officially received patients in late October, which is a leader in the exploration of standard setting

in fact, the grass-roots market was originally a professional challenge for domestic medical and food enterprises to identify the match between the declaration of product conformity and the use conditions of the enterprise itself when purchasing; The main market of mechanical enterprises, but at this medical Expo, they obviously felt the competitive pressure from multinational enterprises

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