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International experts have successfully developed bioactive nano glass fibers

scientists have recently studied a new method of producing glass nano fibers by changing the rotational speed of electromechanical devices. This method relies on the well-known "laser spinning" technology. The researchers of the research team are from Vigo University and Rutgers University in the United States, and Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. The team successfully extracted nanofibers from bioactive glass. This kind of material is the same as that used in medicine and can promote bone regeneration

"laser spinning technology can extract glass nanofibers from components, which cannot be achieved by other methods." Ultraviolet researcher fetero, who is also the researcher of this new study, explained. The details of this invention will be published in the latest issue of the scientific magazine advanced functional material Cover of. A bright spot of the new technology is the use of high-energy lasers for pre material, and then heating. Then a strong gas current is used to extend and cool the resulting hyperfine fiber material

another great feat is that the new technology has been able to be used under relatively common environmental conditions, and even each process of the technology can be easily carried out under the condition of purchasing three packages by bidding. This means that it will be easier for scientists to control the production environment during the production of products, which is difficult to see in the field of nanotechnology production. Under normal circumstances, the cost of pollution control, high-scale particles and electronic tubes will increase. With the escalation of people's economic tension and household property mediation, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on, this process can only be slightly affected by external factors

researchers said that this new achievement of the group could be used in hospitals in the near future. Due to its nanostructure, the various biological activities of glass nanofibers will be more elastic and durable, which means that it can promote bone regeneration. According to previous studies, new bone cells are more likely to accept the intervention of nano materials. This new technology can also be used for other purposes, producing flame retardant fabrics, carbon dioxide capture systems, and even composites. At present, composite materials need nano fiber reinforcement

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