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The international food safety inspection system has entered Hebei

China's first food safety inspection system based on EU standards - "the high molecular chain of China Shandong Sida high linearity has been elongated by the German cooperation food safety assurance system of yanuke mechanical equipment Co., Ltd." the construction project can read the numerical value, and has officially entered the implementation stage in Zhuolu, Hebei Province

according to the information provided by the Sino German Cooperative Food Safety Project Office, the Ministry of Commerce of China and relevant German parties have jointly awarded the plaque of "Sino German Cooperative Food Safety Project Office" to Zhuolu county recently, marking that Zhuolu has officially entered the implementation stage of China's first food safety testing system based on EU standards. The relevant parties of the German federal government will work with the Ministry of Commerce of China to allocate project operation funds free of charge and send various agricultural and food experts to Zhuolu for grape, apricot flat and vegetable experimental equipment. The equipment should be able to meet the training and field guidance of harmless planting and processing such as wire wrapping around mandrel

the joint investment of China and Germany in this project will reach 119 million yuan. It is planned to establish seven food safety operation systems involving the promotion of food safety production technology, training, production, processing, sales, testing and monitoring, communication information network, and five centers for testing, training, information, vegetable and meat distribution in Zhuolu in three years. At the same time, it is planned to build three origin markets and 22 production bases for vegetables, fruits and meat, and create a food standardized production and testing chain from field to table, Provide a model for further promotion in the country

as a key county of national agricultural development, Zhuolu has actively taken measures to accelerate the standardization and branding of agricultural products such as vegetables, corn, grapes, apricot flat and dairy industry in recent three years, and has formed 16 characteristic high-quality agricultural product brands, including 8 national registered brands

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