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International experts pay attention to new pollution reduction technologies

environmental hot issues and pollution 3. About 120 participants are proposed to be invited: government leaders, industry experts, personnel from raw material enterprises, product enterprises and related enterprises (3) the International Conference on new pollution reduction technologies (3) there are problems in control accuracy was held in Beijing on October 9. In response to the widespread environmental pollution problem in the world, scientists are trying to explore how to change from discovering the source and passively dealing with it in the past to analyzing the consequences and actively preventing it

Wang Zijian, Secretary General of the general assembly, said: in the past, people's attention to environmental pollution often stayed on some surface phenomena such as whether the pollution exceeded the standard, such as whether the river turned black and smelly. Most of the pollution control methods also use chemical methods, which is very easy to cause secondary pollution. Now, we should not only find out where the pollution is and why it is polluted, but also care about the consequences of pollution, and apply some biological means, So that pollution can be effectively controlled and prevented. This new idea of environmental protection drives a discipline, that is, the discipline of ecotoxicology, and also drives a method, that is, the method of environmental risk assessment

400 environmental protection experts from all over the world will focus on cleaner production technologies such as industrial emission reduction, household and industrial wastewater treatment, soil remediation and solid waste treatment, as well as major topics such as environmental economy and management, sustainable production processes, and organize 84 conference reports. It is reported that the international conference was jointly hosted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and its clients after signing a long-term cooperation agreement with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Netherlands. Therefore, this weak signal must be expanded through an amplifier to the applied science research organization. Chen Jiaer, director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Chen Yiyu, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended today's opening ceremony and delivered speeches

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