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Comprehensive upgrading of international equipment manufacturing industry China has entered an active period of innovation

the international industrial equipment manufacturing industry has been comprehensively upgraded, and China has entered an active period of innovation in line with the market. After years of accumulation and progress, China's machine tool industry has entered the stage of transformation of development mode. Chinese equipment enterprises should complete the magnificent turn from a follower to a leader as soon as possible, so that China can change from a technology consumer to a technology innovator, drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and further improve national competitiveness

in the important stage of China's industrialization and the continuous fermentation of the international financial crisis, the machine tool industry must truly change its development mode and complete two historical missions: the first is to cultivate strong independent innovation ability, and the second is to cultivate leading enterprises with global competitiveness

the growth mode of high consumption, low income and high emissions at the low end of the industrial chain has come to an end for China. While the low-cost advantage is gradually weakening, new comparative advantages have emerged, and China has entered an active period of innovation activities. In 2006, the central government put forward the grand strategy of building an innovative country. Now the effects of these policies and measures are beginning to show, and innovation activities are gradually active. All kinds of signs show that China's innovation resources are gradually mature and begin to enter the active period of scientific and technological innovation activities. In some fields, it has shifted from technology imitation tracking to relying mainly on independent innovation for development, and then challenged the world on the commanding height of industrial development. China has the conditions to transform from a technology consumer to a technology innovator, driving the transformation of traditional industries. 1. Abnormal movement of the pointer of the spring fatigue testing machine: manufacturing upgrading, cultivating batches of globally competitive enterprises and enterprise groups, and further improving national competitiveness

under such a background, equipment enterprises should complete the magnificent turn from tracker to leader as soon as possible. For a long time, China's equipment enterprises have been in the position of industrial tracking. It is a very difficult process from industry tracking to technological independence. But when the time is ripe, we should not hesitate to leap. Once achieved, it will change the overall situation, from the tracker to the leader

the core of realizing change. This summit is hosted by the Nanjing Municipal People's government. The key element is innovation ability. After entering the transformation stage of development mode, it should extend from low-end manufacturing to productivity design, research and development, brand marketing, industrial chain management, etc., and change from a simple product manufacturer to an industrial service provider

in order to realize this transformation, enterprises should change their focus from growing bigger to becoming stronger. We should shift from being keen on investment to paying more attention to innovation ability and brand building, from being keen on scale expansion to paying more attention to the improvement of competitiveness, from being keen on low-end manufacturing to paying more attention to the upgrading of industrial chain

optimize the industrial organization structure. In the case of the planned economy, the structural low efficiency of Chinese enterprises can not be compensated by management skills, which must be solved through structural optimization, but China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities. The result of the refinement of international industrial division of labor is that companies have developed their own strengths with limited economic and technological resources to form others' unparalleled core competitiveness and continuously increase their strengths; The positive addition of the comparative advantages of enterprises in different division of labor links will form a strong industrial and regional competitive advantage due to excessive deformation, which will result in low cost and high efficiency that any all-round enterprise cannot compare

China's industrialized market should cultivate competitive enterprises. Machine tool is the mother machine of equipment industry, which is related to the overall strength of the country. We should take the lead in making greater breakthroughs. After years of accumulation and progress, a number of leading domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises have a considerable foundation, and they should be confident and ambitious to complete this breakthrough. This is the expectation of the state, the hope of the nation and the society of enterprises

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