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International Futures: the Beijing Shanghai rubber market is red across the board, and the index is close to the overbought area. First, the spot market

as of noon on November 30, 2006, on the Malaysian spot market, the FOB purchase price of smrcv delivered in December is 776.50 marks/kg, and the selling price is 778.50 marks/kg, that is, the purchase price is 216.35 cents/kg, and the selling price is 216.90 cents/kg. Affected by the soaring price of TOCOM glue, the price of glue on the Thai spot market rose sharply. The FOB price of Thai RSS3 delivered in December was $1554/ton on the 29th, up 1.49% from the 28th. The FOB price of Indonesian sir20 delivered in December became the first UL certified green plastic additive, which was $1517.5/ton on the 29th, the same as that on the 28th

II. Futures market

1. Market

on the 29th, the Shanghai Science and technology research project "complete set of technology and engineering demonstration for urban waste tire resource recycling" passed the acceptance of experts organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. At present, the first environmental friendly waste tire treatment plant in China has been put into operation in Fengxian, Shanghai, with an annual treatment of tens of thousands of tons of waste tires. It is calculated that a waste tire can be converted into 10% combustible gas, 45% fuel oil, 35% carbon black and 10% steel wire. Among the secondary life forms of waste tires, carbon black is the most valuable, and only 2 tons of oil can extract 1 ton of carbon black. This time, the physical properties of the regenerated carbon black fully meet the requirements of rubber formula, and have been supplied to many tire manufacturers as raw materials. A tire carbon black tire circular industrial chain has gradually formed

Vietnam's National Bureau of Statistics said on Friday that it is expected that Vietnam has exported 80000 tons of rubber in November, with a year-on-year increase of 14.3%. The rubber export volume this month is expected to have increased to 28.6 million US dollars. Vietnam is expected to have exported 659000 tons of rubber in January this year, with a value of 1.21 billion US dollars, an increase of 29.2% and 76.5% year-on-year respectively

according to the Indonesian business daily 28, the Indonesian Rubber operators' Federation (gakindo) estimated that the rubber export volume has decreased by 2-3% by the end of the year, but due to the rise in rubber prices, the total value of natural rubber exports can still reach $4billion. It is reported that the rubber export of Indonesia this year is estimated to be 2.05 million tons lower than that of last year, about 2million tons. However, its export value increased to US $4billion as a result of the rise in the price of natural rubber, which averaged US $2.1 per kilogram. Last year, the average price of rubber was only $1.6 per kilogram

2. Futures market

boosted by technical buying, Japanese rubber continued yesterday's soaring trend across the board today. Contracts opened higher and went higher, closing positive across the board, with increases ranging from 1.51% to 2.34%. The main may contract rose by 2.1 yen or 1.05% today after rising by 3.8 yen yesterday, and the April contract closed up by 2.7 yen or 1.37%. After ending the falling trend for half a month in a row, Japanese rubber began to rebound this week. Since Monday, the April contract has been running along a new upward channel on the Japanese K line. However, from the perspective of technical indicators, the J value of the April contract has rapidly increased to close to the overbought area

affected by the strength of Japanese rubber, the contracts of Shanghai Rubber opened higher and went higher today, rising across the board, with the increase of each contract ranging from 0.19% to 1.01. The contract trading in March today was still very active, with 303872 transactions. Affected by the departure of short positions, the position decreased by 2234 to 58464. After the contract opened high in the morning with a short jump of 17820 in March, it was driven all the way by long buying. "Fu Xiangsheng said that the oscillation went up, reaching a daily high of 18030 yuan in the second trading session. Then, under the pressure of long profit taking, the price fell slightly to the oscillation range of 17805-17900, until it closed at 17830 yuan in the late trading, with an increase of 0.71%. From the K-line chart, today's March contract closed with a cross small positive star line with a long shadow line, which failed to break through the resistance level of 18110 formed in the previous two days, indicating that the market is weak. From the KDJ value, the J value rose to 90, close to the overbought area. We need to pay close attention to the trend of Japanese rubber

operation suggestions: hold more in the short term and pay attention to the trend of Japanese rubber

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